Disney Social Media Moms Conference Here We Come! #disneysmmoms


Gah! It’s finally here! On Thursday we are headed to the Disney Social Media Moms Conference. The whole family is going and the kids are over the moon! Yes, I know we travel a lot but this one is different!

As a blogger, there are press trips and there are conferences. Annnnddd then there is the Disney Social Media Moms Conference! This is the mac daddy of conferences in the mom blogger world! This prestigious conference is by invite only and I am seriously so thankful (and happy!) to be invited this year. When I received the invite in March, my reaction wasn’t much different from a giddy little girl finding out she is headed to Disney World. Sure, I’ve been to Disney many times but not to attend the Social Media Moms Conference.

Here’s the thing: bloggers and writers attend conferences just like any other profession to improve their business and hone their craft. We go to learn how to do things better and smarter. We go to make valuable business connections that in turn improve our businesses. Yes, blogging is a business! A very big business that always can be improved. I’ve been to plenty of conferences and learned the most valuable information but never have I been to one that includes the magic of Disney.

Come on, guys! It’s DISNEY!!!  How can I not be excited?!? They never do things mediocre. They are DISNEY! They do it up big and they do it up right!

I don’t know the whole agenda for the conference yet but I do know that I’ll run a Disney Fun Run with Ali Vincent of the Biggest Loser, hear amazing speakers, meet fabulous new friends, attend the exclusive crowning of Merida from Brave into the Disney family of princesses and much more. The best thing about it? My family will be with me the entire time (except for the speaking parts!) to enjoy it all with me.

See why I’m over the moon about this trip??

As always, I will be sharing my experience with you all over the next week! I’ll be blogging, Facebooking, Tweeting, Instagraming, and of course, videoing! It’s what I do, right?!? 🙂

So, keep a watch out for my updates because I have to go pack now! So much to do and so little time. Good thing, my 3 year old is ready to go! 🙂