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  1. Such a great video! Awesome ideas for saving money on packing! Good luck with your trip to Disney World! 🙂

  2. Great video and thanks for all of the tips! One thing I find useful(if you are bottle feeding) is a travel sized dish soap for washing bottles! I always bring extra bottles but there is always that one time you stay a little longer than expected and you don’t have any clean bottles left!!

  3. Be careful of the advice to buy cheap pin lots off eBay. A lot of those are fake and not authentic Disney trading pins. Check the sellers feedback and don’t be afraid to ask questions. It really cheapens the product once there are a lot of fake ones out there and they are definitely not the same quality. As well, Cast Members will trade with young and old alike and won’t say no to any trade as long as you are are trading an official Disney pin. They are special CMs however who will only trade with children 12 and under, they are designated by a green lanyard.

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