DIY Christmas Card Ideas

Photo Source: Hopeful Honey

I’ve been on the hunt for Christmas cards this year and I just can’t seem to find any I love. The more I shop for them, the more I think I should just create my own! After searching the internet for different options, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite DIY Christmas card ideas. If you’re looking to send out personalized, festive cards that you’ve created yourself, check out this selection.


Photo Source: What Katie Does

What Katie Does. These beautiful Christmas cards are simple and I love the geometric feel they all have to them! Finish them off by writing your favorite Christmas phrase or lyric on the front.



Photo Source: Hopeful Honey
Photo Source: Hopeful Honey

Hopeful Honey. Don’t you just love this simple idea using buttons to make a beautiful wreath on your Christmas cards? This easy idea is one your children could help you with!


Photo Source: Madigan Made
Photo Source: Madigan Made

Madigan Made.  These cut out cards are shaped like beautiful bulb ornaments! You could do these in so many different color combos.


Photo Source: North Story
Photo Source: North Story

North Story. I can’t believe all it takes to make these cute Christmas trees is ribbon! If you have extra ribbon lying around, why not make these beautiful and personal cards?

button decorations
Photo Source: Sammy And Lola

Sammy And Lola. Have buttons, will make Christmas cards. Seriously, all you need are buttons and you can make adorable Christmas cards with colorful, 3D ornaments on the front!

baby footprints
Photo Source: Makazine

Makezine. Have a new baby? Or a child who will let you dip their feet in green paint for a few minutes? This sweet idea of using your child’s footprints to create a holiday card is so special and priceless! A Christmas card that will be treasured always.

Photo Source: Meet The Dubiens

Meet The Dubiens. Use each family members thumb print to create a cute reindeer and you’ve got yourself a cute and fun Christmas card with a personalized touch!


Photo Source: Learning Ideas
Photo Source: Learning Ideas

Learning Ideas. This candy cane greeting card is a great one that the kids can do themselves and give out to their classmates!

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