DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is coming, people! (Sunday, June 19th, in case you need to know.) I realize that I’m a lucky woman: my husband is perfectly fine getting a pack or two of undershirts, and my daughter only wants to buy him gummy bears. Okay, actually, she also told him she has to pick out some jewelry for him. He kindly declined the offer. But if you don’t already have your amazing gifts planned out as I do, you might be getting a bit panicked as we get closer to the big day. And it’s tough coming up with something that’s not a tie, a tool, something related to sports, a gadget, or a joke. Hopefully, these from-the-heart DIY gifts will provide you with the inspiration you need to celebrate the dads in your life this Father’s Day.

DIY Father's Day Gifts
Photo Credit: Oh Happy Day
  • Shrinky Dink Tie Tack (or cuff links, or pin, or keychain, or…): I love this idea! I actually made them for my husband on behalf of our daughter a couple years ago. I even included a couple tie tacks of the dogs, because the fur-kids love their puppy-daddy, too.

    Photo Credit: Modge Podge Rocks
  • Comic Book DIY Coasters: These are so fun! You could also use a copy of Dad’s favorite book (think thrift shop copy, not his favorite well-loved edition), a copy of a book that Dad and the kids love to read together, a book about something he’s in to (I’m looking at you Vader’s Little Princess), or even a map of somewhere meaningful to your family.
  • Photo Credit: Pittsburgh-City Macaroni Kids
    Photo Credit: Pittsburgh-City Macaroni Kids

    Bleach Pen T-Shirt: Can’t lie. I want one (or more) of these for myself! I actually have an event coming up and I wanted a personalized t-shirt for it…hmmm…Whoa. Whoa. Okay. Repeat after me: This is for Dad. This is for Dad. This is for Dad.

DIY Father's Day Gifts
Photo Credit: These Little Loves
  • DIY Grilling Prep Plates: This is one of those awesome DIYs that can be as fun or as fancy as you want to make it. The version shown above is fancy, with stencil-use and everything! But you can also hand a younger (or more creative and free-spirited) kid the paint-pen and let them go to town with some kid-made art.
DIY Father's Day Gifts
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  • Leather Journal: Whether using real leather or faux, this is such a fun idea for a dad who journals. It’s also got potential for someone who jots down a lot of notes to himself—especially because the scrapbook posts mean it’s refillable. Even little hands that are still sharpening their scissor skills (see what I did there?) can cut out thin material. Plus, think about how fun it would be for your child’s first stitches to be saved on a project like this one!
DIY Father's Day Gifts
Photo Credit: See That There
  • Painted Pots with Succulents: Mom isn’t the only parent who likes to get greenery on their special day! If your dad’s not a flower guy, think outside the box and try the latest trend in houseplants: succulents! Bonus? They’re pretty hard to kill. Let the kiddos go nuts with the pots and some paint (or permanent markers or paint pens), and you’ve got one of those awesome gifts that keeps on giving.
DIY Father's Day Gifts
Photo Credit: Alpha Mom
  • Handmade Photo Cube: I don’t know about your kids, but my daughter considers her dad’s office to be an extra playroom. She loves to go in there and mess with all his tchotchkes—including the ones that really shouldn’t be manhandled by someone who is still discovering the meaning of “gentle hands.” When I saw this photo cube, I immediately thought how nicely it would fit in in my husband’s office. And how indestructible it looks. The kids can help choose pictures, and even cut them to size and apply Mod Podge depending on their arts-and-crafts skill level.
DIY Father's Day Gifts
Photo Credit: Marian Parsons/HGTV
  • Rustic Frame: This is a ridiculously simple gift, but one that can be loaded with meaning. Simply have the kids gather their sticks from a favorite place (park, bike path or hiking trail, camping spot—even your own backyard with all its memories) and use them to surround a photo of a happy memory from the same spot! You could also use pebbles and small rocks, sea glass, or sea shells.
DIY Father's Day Gifts
Photo Credit: Mom Endeavors
  • Ring Toss Game: Give Dad something to do outside besides grill—like play ring toss with the kids! There are fancier (and more challenging to play) versions of this idea, but I wanted one that the kids could help make. This painted wood one is simple, and a project that even young children can help with. Plus, with all the different colors of Duck Tape available, just think of the customizing your family could do to make Dad’s set uniquely his!

Be sure to check out my DIY Mother’s Day gift post for some more inspiration; those photo magnets will look awesome no matter who hangs them up. Happy crafting, and here’s to a great day celebrating Dad!