Do Not Underestimate One with An Easy to Remove Cover

Do Not Underestimate One with An Easy to Remove Cover

If you are in the market for a new convertible car seat for you child, I highly recommend that you do not underestimate a car seat with an easy-to-remove cover.  And not just ANY cover that is easy-to-remove!  A convertible car seat with a cover that can be removed WITHOUT uninstalling the car seat is worth its weight in gold.  Yep, I’m going on record today to say it is worth the extra money!

Let’s say your son throws up all over his car seat and manages to spray his sister’s car seat with vomit next to him as well.  Welcome, flu, to my house!  You won’t be happy about cleaning up the vomit but I guarantee you’ll be a lot less aggravated if you don’t have to completely uninstall two huge convertible car seats out of your car just to get the covers off to wash. 

Good thing that I’m a CPS Tech so I know exactly how to re-install them correctly! But it takes time! And most parents are not certified car seat safety technicians.  So, after you take out the car seat (or two in my instance), wash the cover, reassemble the harnesses that had to be take off to get the cover off, you will either have to figure out how to get the seat installed perfectly OR take it to your local fire station or police station to get a CPS Tech to do it. 

Wouldn’t an easy-to-remove cover that doesn’t require uninstalling the seat just be better?  Yep, worth every extra penny!!!  Or you could check out all the fun I’m having taking the car seats out in the picture below?

Just in case you want to know, one of our favorite convertible car seats that has this dream feature is the new Britax Marathon 70!

Do Not Underestimate One with An Easy to Remove Cover


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