Do you have a mommy role model?

You know how some people hear voices in their head? No, wait don’t answer that. Do you have a good cop/bad cop couple that plays out in your head when you have to make a big decision? Hmmm? Please say “yes.” I do. As a mom, I not only have the standard good cop/bad cop, but also the good mom/bad mom. My good mom is personified in my head with moms that I admire, moms I’ve met online or in real life. And my bad moms are personified in my head, too, in similar fashion.

My good moms aren’t perfect, but they are my role models. They aim to (keyword: aim) prepare dinner each night for their families. They aim to be fashionable. They aim to smile a lot, can craft lamps from hangers, and are physically fit. Oh, and they aim to be good at a lot of things. They, often do, smile through tantrums and at the sight of poop on the floor.

In motherhood, you learn that no mom is perfect. And that aspiring to be perfect is pointless. But, I think having moms, role model moms, who have philosophies on parenting and stamina for this sport of motherhood that you admire is perfectly okay. So when I’ve just finished the last slice of pizza and have the cardboard box, it’s perfectly okay that my good mom role model inspires me to think about a nifty craft that I could create with my toddler by using that box and some string. Role models. It’s nice to have them. It’s nice to have a mom, whether your own mom or some other mom you’ve come to know, whom you can use during a tantrum and ask, “What would such-and-such mom do?”

So, yeah, I believe in mommy role models. I think they are good for all moms and that so long as we don’t become obsessed with their lives and the idea that we can become their mommy twins, they are a good, right?

What do you think? Do you have a mommy role model?