Donkey’s Journey with Baby Gizmo in Photos

We are saying goodbye to the Donkey this week as it has to return back to its home at Bugaboo.  After becoming a temporary part of our family, a few tears will be shed (from both us and the Donkey) as we go our separate ways.  After Donkey leaves, we will just have our photos as memories of our time together.  In case you missed our journeys that we posted on Facebook, here’s a look back at our time with the Donkey!

1st Day at Baby Gizmo


He was so hot the fire department showed up!


Visiting friends at the Zoo!


Good thing he was already tan! It was cloudy that day!


There was a donkey on the farm...E-I-E-I-O!


Rural Donkey


Monkeying around at the playground!


With his new BFF at the park!


One last ride!


 You can read (and watch!) our full review on the Bugaboo Donkey HERE.