Don’t forget the babysitter this holiday season!

Next to my three kids, the babysitter is the fourth most important person on my shopping list right now. WHY? Because day-in-and-day-out she helps me maintain my sanity, my daily routine and has been a huge help in adjusting to life as a mom of three. She has become my third and fourth arm and well…you just need a night off sometimes. There’s no way I could forget her come this holiday season and I would definitely forgo any presents for my husband or my own mother if it meant getting her a gift that was nice and meaningful. However, since money doesn’t grow on trees (why doesn’t it?!) and I know I can’t get her that Louis Vuitton purse that she dreams about, I’ve narrowed my shopping list down to a few ideas that I think she’ll love. In fact, I think any babysitter would love to receive these gifts and by all means, please add your own personal touches like handmade cards from the kids or those chocolates that you know she loves because at the end of the night, you want her to come back again…don’t you?!

A beautiful (designer!) bracelet with an elegant saying that’s less than $40 = the perfect gift! Kate Spade The Jewel In The Crown Idiom Bracelet, $32, at

It’s always nice to have a whimsical wallet that you can take anywhere. Small Hummingbird Wristlet Wallet, $11.95, at

Just add a gift certificate for a pedicure or manicure at a local salon with this set and you’ll be set for babysitting for the next year! butter LONDON Holiday Glitter Trio, $36, at

For the trendy teenage babysitter…Deena & Ozzy Alphabet Stud Tote Bag, $24, at

Just add flowers to make her day! Curvy Chrysanthemum Vase, $28, at

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As a nanny and a babysitter I really appreciate this. It always makes my day when a mom goes out of her way to bless me. And it’s always a nice thought to know that they think of you as part of the family. 🙂