Don’t Forget to Turn the Clocks Back Tonight

Don't Forget to Turn the Clocks Back Tonight

It’s that time of year.  Daylight Savings Time ends tonight!  Don’t forget to turn back your clocks 1 hour tonight when you go to bed – that is if you live in an area that observes Daylight Savings Time.  If you live in Arizona, parts of Indiana, Hawaii and other places that don’t observe it – just ignore this post.  Well, know if you live in Hawaii, we probably hate you.  Okay, it’s because we are jealous!  Who gets to actually live in Hawaii while I’m freezing my ass off in Chicago?  Okay, back to changing our clocks! 

The bad part of this time of year is that it will start getting dark at lunchtime.  Okay, maybe not exactly lunchtime but just too damn early in the evening.  We are talking dark by 4:30pm in some areas.  That is too darn depressing for me.  After work and school, there is hardly any time for kids to play outside in daylight.  Not good. 

Is there any good to Daylight Savings Time ending?  Well, sure!  Tonight we get an extra hour of sleep!  Oh, could I use an extra hour or maybe an extra 10 hours!  Oh, wait.  Small kids don’t get the memo that it’s time to turn back the clocks.  They don’t get that memo that we all get an extra hour of sleep.  So, those of us with small children?  It’s still not good.  Your kids are still getting up the same time they always do tomorrow whether you turned your clocks back or not.  Not good. 

And just a reminder, the fire departments would like to remind you that it is a good time to change those batteries in your smoke detectors.  Change your clocks.  Change your batteries.  It could save a life.


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