Don’t Get Your Mom This for Mother’s Day

Don't Get Your Mom This for Mother’s Day

Don't Get Your Mom This for Mother’s Day

Last week, I shared some great gifts that I thought were worthy of your mom this Mother’s Day. Today, I’m doing the opposite and sharing some gifts that I hope you steer clear of to save you and your mom from having to make a trip down bad gift-ville, the place that’s dark and smelly and…inhabited by many. (insert diabolical music)

Before getting into the gifts, let me preface things by saying that for most moms, it’s enough that their special day is defined by  thoughtful acts, i.e., a homemade dinner, and kind words. Gifts aren’t necessary, at least for me, but they are the “icing on the cake.” They are nice to get and fun to show off and are meaningful in a different kind of a way.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get back to the post at hand. Don’t get your mom any of these gifts this Mother’s Day:

The usual tech-y gadgets or gizmo-y contraptions, marketed as being great for moms, that she’ll never understand, want, or use. Moms, like dads, like gadgets. But not all gadgets are created equally. Some gadgets, like the Fir Real Sauna (shown below), are only good in theory and, in practice, are actually quite hilarious.

Don't Get Your Mom This for Mother’s Day

Bad fashions that will end up in next year’s giveaway bag. I warned about products like the Pajama Jeans in a post that I wrote back in February, but I thought I’d include it here because it’s just that serious. No mom wants Pajama Jeans. No. Correction. No mom needs pajama jeans, so this Mother’s Day, do her the favor and just say no to Pajama Jeans or any other “fashion” inventions that are only cool if you don’t think about them too much.

 Don't Get Your Mom This for Mother’s Day

Printed, un-original T-shirts, mugs, key chains, or other meaningless memorabilia. It’s important to remember that as you get older and mature, so should your Mother’s Day gift. Those bikini T-shirts, the Greatest Mom Alive mugs? Yeah. They work…when you’re a kid. But as you age…well…they stop working as well. If you must go the t-shirt route, consider creating a personalized one that displays something that actual means something meaningful to your mom. T-shirts like this one?

Don't Get Your Mom This for Mother’s Day

Yeah. They don’t mean much.

Hideous clothing in the wrong size. Clothing is hard to shop for as a gift. I mean, unless, you know your mom’s exact size, style, and body composition, it’s so easy to make a bad gift choice when buying clothes. So, the solution? Don’t try to do clothes unless you’ve had a direct request.

Personal care items that suggest that your mom should be worrying about some part of her body or face. So, for instance, Proactiv or an Oil of Olay regenerative mask for dull and sullen skin is a great gift idea in theory, but unless requested, it can easily be misread as an insult.

Don't Get Your Mom This for Mother’s DaySo, the moral of the story? This Mother’s Day, put some thought into your gift. Take chances, smart chances, on your gift and you won’t go wrong! Seriously.

What’s the worst Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever received?


  1. To anyone who reads this, as a mother of 30 years, I just want you to know that “MOTHER’S DAY is the MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF THE YEAR, to a Mother. It’s the Day that she gave Birth to the most precious creation in the world…it’s the Day she made someone else more important than she thought she was. It was Day, she’d lay her life down in a heartbeat to protect the little child she brought into this world. It’s the Day that makes her life worth living for as long she is alive. It’s the Day, she is recognized for saying “Thanks mom for loving us the way you do, and giving up yourself for us”. Not that she would ever tell you this, but without recognizing her, her heart breaks a little inside, wondering why no one appreciates or is even aware of the love in her heart only a Mother can feel. Just an “I LOVE YOU” is the Greatest Gift you could ever give her. A handmade card would even make it extra special, or just a note telling her how much she means to you….don’t forget to date it for she will have it forever in her “special place” where she keeps the most important papers!

  2. I think if my kids get me something , I will appreciate every bit of it. Usually my husband does the flowers and card and maybe a small gift. But it’s all him and my three kids just “come for the ride”. I would really like something they pick out, even if it’s a little , at least it’s from their choosing and personal. And yes, I would like those pajama jeans too. I have a hernia from many surgeries and would like to wear something more than just yoga pants.

  3. I’ll take whatever I get. My son was born the day after mother’s day 2012 so no celebrating that year, and last year.. well… everyone in my family was celebrating my mom the matriarch so ..nada again 🙁

  4. I actually want pajama jeans. I have nerve problems, and wearing “normal” clothes can be very painful, and near impossible during a flare. I wouldnt like go to dinner in them or anything, but for around the house, the gym, or taking my son to and from school (parents rarely need to get out of the car), they would be a big help. At least they look better than sweats.


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