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  1. To anyone who reads this, as a mother of 30 years, I just want you to know that “MOTHER’S DAY is the MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF THE YEAR, to a Mother. It’s the Day that she gave Birth to the most precious creation in the world…it’s the Day she made someone else more important than she thought she was. It was Day, she’d lay her life down in a heartbeat to protect the little child she brought into this world. It’s the Day that makes her life worth living for as long she is alive. It’s the Day, she is recognized for saying “Thanks mom for loving us the way you do, and giving up yourself for us”. Not that she would ever tell you this, but without recognizing her, her heart breaks a little inside, wondering why no one appreciates or is even aware of the love in her heart only a Mother can feel. Just an “I LOVE YOU” is the Greatest Gift you could ever give her. A handmade card would even make it extra special, or just a note telling her how much she means to you….don’t forget to date it for she will have it forever in her “special place” where she keeps the most important papers!

  2. I think if my kids get me something , I will appreciate every bit of it. Usually my husband does the flowers and card and maybe a small gift. But it’s all him and my three kids just “come for the ride”. I would really like something they pick out, even if it’s a little , at least it’s from their choosing and personal. And yes, I would like those pajama jeans too. I have a hernia from many surgeries and would like to wear something more than just yoga pants.

  3. I’ll take whatever I get. My son was born the day after mother’s day 2012 so no celebrating that year, and last year.. well… everyone in my family was celebrating my mom the matriarch so ..nada again 🙁

  4. I actually want pajama jeans. I have nerve problems, and wearing “normal” clothes can be very painful, and near impossible during a flare. I wouldnt like go to dinner in them or anything, but for around the house, the gym, or taking my son to and from school (parents rarely need to get out of the car), they would be a big help. At least they look better than sweats.

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