Double Trouble: My Quest for the Perfect Double Stroller

My obsession began as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my second child. I was on a mission: A mission to find the perfect double stroller. I started with internet research and then I reached out to my friends who already had multiple children, hoping they could provide me with an answer. I still hadn’t found what I was looking for. Finally, in an act of desperation, I started quizzing complete strangers that I saw pushing double strollers. I would scan the crowds at the zoo and Sea World looking for moms of multiples. Yes, I was acting like a crazy person. Still, nothing.

There were so many options, so many unknowns. My Big Chick was going to be two and a half when the Baby Chick was born. The Big Chick was at a crossroads: too old to ride in a stroller for any significant length of time, yet too young to be expected to walk any considerable distance. What to do, what to do?

And this is how I ended up with three double strollers. Now, don’t go and get all judgy on me just yet. Here’s how it went down:

The Joovy Caboose Ultralight Sit and Stand: Ok, technically it’s not a double. It’s more of a stroller and a half. I fully intended on using the Joovy Sit and Stand the most. I envisioned the Baby Chick strapped in her car seat, riding in the front, while the Big Chick was cruising on the platform in the back. Unfortunately, I didn’t anticipate how much the Baby Chick would loathe her car seat. So, the Joovy has been waiting patiently in the garage until the Baby Chick can sit up by herself in the front seat. I still have hope that this will eventually be “The One”.

The Zooper Tango Double Stroller: My mom bought me this one for me. I think she was trying to put me out of my misery. Plus, I think she was so sick of me debating the double stroller issue with her that she just wanted to put an end to it. I love this double stroller. My kids love it. I use it ALL the time. The seats completely recline and zip up at the feet to create a bassinette. It has a roomy and accessible undercarriage. The sun shades fold all the way down to the belly bar, completely covering each child. My tall Big Chick fits nicely in it. The Zooper Tango is lightweight (for a double) and easy to maneuver. Still, even though it fits through a standard doorway, it feels too wide to take to the mall or the doctor’s office. I hate bringing it to restaurants because there isn’t anywhere to park it.

The In-Step Safari Double Jogging Stroller: This one is left over from my nanny days. I used it a ton when we lived in our old neighborhood, but I haven’t used it since we moved over three years ago (don’t tell my husband). It was a great fit back then, when I would just step outside my door and walk everywhere I went, but now we have to drive everywhere we go. A double jogger just doesn’t fit my lifestyle anymore. I don’t jog. I don’t even walk for exercise because the Big Chick can’t stay seated for more than five minutes. Plus, the Safari In-Step’s size is substantial and it takes up a lot of valuable trunk space in my car. I don’t feel like pulling it in and out of my car several times a day.

So, that’s the short (ish) version of how I ended up with three double strollers. I never did manage to find the perfect double stroller. You know why? It doesn’t exist. There are too many variables. You have to consider lifestyle, budget, personal preferences, your physical traits (i.e. height) and millions of other minute details when deciding what is right for you. Plus, throw in a couple of kids who have their own ideas about how things should go and it’s pretty safe to say that you can’t make everyone happy all the time. But, any mother already knows that. šŸ˜‰

Sorry Moms. I wish I had the perfect answer for you. All I can say is- you better start making room in your garage now.

-Contributed by Morgan

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Morgan is a Domestic Goddess and mother to two girls, Big Chick and Baby Chick. Before she became a mother in 2007, she worked as a nanny for three different families. This means that she has had goldfish stuck to her car floor for a very long time. While Morgan loves all baby and child related gear, she has a particular fondness for strollers. When Morgan isn't outside enjoying the Southern California weather, she also writes for her own website:

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I am will have a newborn and a 14 mo old in a few months and I too have been on the great hunt. I am willing to spend the $$ for a good one but I’m kind of stuck now between a Valco Tri Mode Ex twin, a Bumbleride Indie twin, a Baby Jogger City Elite Double and a Britax B Ready with the 2nd seat…I obviously want an all-terrain that I can walk/maybe jog with and have even thought about doing the B Ready and then one of the more inexpensive InStep joggers??? Advice?


I was wondering if you have any advice about the babyjogger city classic or city elite? I love that the jump seat (for a second child) isn’t at your feet where I assume it gets in the way of a taller parent’s stride. Are there any other strollers besides the trimode that have a jump seat in this position? Any less expensive double strollers that can easily tackle uneven pavement and cobblestone? I do a lot of walking/don’t have a car, but I do have to carry it up 2 flights of stairs.


I have twins and I LOVE the Baby Jogger City Select. I can push it one handed, I can take it everywhere (doctor’s appts, stores, etc). It is wonderful! I get complimented on it ALL the time. LOVE IT!

Sari P.
I bought the Valco Baby Tri Mode Ex Twin stroller a few months ago. I LOVE it! My kids are 3 1/2 and 20 months. It definitely is heavy and bulky, but I’ll take the easy pushing, adjustable handle, all the storage pockets, etc over the in and out of the car any day. I view it as yes, in and out of the car may be annoying and a little heavy, but when I’m using the stroller and not storing it is what really matters. I had the Peg Perego 60/40 Twin Aria before. You can’t even come close… Read more »
Christine Roeske
2009 Bumbleride Indie Twin. We’ve had ours about six months now. The other stroller we considered was the 2010 Mountain Buggy Duo but the Indie Twin is simply plusher and nicer for the same price. I would TOTALLY buy this stroller again if I had the chance. We knew we’d be using it almost daily (walks around the neighborhood, parks, wooded trails, etc.) and it was well worth the splurge. The Indie Twin is 29.5″ wide, a standard wheelchair is 29″ wide so theoretically the stroller should fit anywhere that’s ADA-compliant. Took it shopping this past weekend in Old Navy,… Read more »
I just sent you a comment/question on FB. I’m looking at the Valco 2010 Tri Mode EX Twin Double Stroller. I found someone selling one on craigslist and it’s a steal. However I’m worried about being able to get it in and out of a regular sized car trunk. I have a Nissan Maxmia. Yes, we will be getting a minivan soon but, untill then I don’t want it sitting in my garage. It 39 lbs. so it’s a little heavy too. Another negative is how it folds down. Any thoughts. I think it will be great b/c we could… Read more »
Hollie Schultz

The Valco 2010 Tri Mode EX twin is a fabulous stroller! Yes, it is big. Yes, it is heavy! But it is a workhorse stroller that will last you a long time. It’s big but a Maxima trunk is pretty big so it should fit. You won’t have a lot of room to spare but it should fit. Take the Maxima to pick it up when you buy it just to make sure. -Hollie


I went through about 7-8 double strollers– starting with the Phil and Teds Sport and ending with the Phil and Teds Explorer (with the BOB, Maclaren, P&T Vibe, etc… in between). I prefer the option to use my “double” as a single and like that the kids aren’t side by side for MANY reasons. The improvements on the Explorer sold me.
It’s still not the “best” but for ME, it’s the closest I’ve found.


Love your reviews! They are oh so helpful. Trying to decide between a Maclaren Techno and City Mini Double. Thoughts????

Hollie Schultz

Hi Farrah, I would choose the City Mini Double because it is so much easier to fold and push. I don’t love the basket accessility on the City Mini Double but the fold, the easier maneuverability and the fact that I don’t kick the back of the stroller when i am walking makes up for it. The Maclaren is great but the City Mini is better in my eyes. Now, if they could just fix the basket issue šŸ™‚ – Hollie

I don’t have the perfect double stroller but I think it is pretty close! I LOVE this stroller! I used it as a single with my first because it took an infant carseat. Then I added the second seat when I had my second baby less than 2 years later. It has a few different configurations, so it has definitely grown with my kids. The front wheel also locks to be a jogging stroller. Everytime I am out shopping/zoo/doctors/park I am asked about this stroller and told how wonderful it is. With all this being said there are a few… Read more »
crystal king

I bought what I think is the perfect stroller 3 1/2 yrs ago after the birth of my third child and had just found out I was expecting my 4th child 5 months later. I now have 5 boys and wish it came in a triple size. But I am considering buying a Quad Stroller…