Dream Lites Pillow Pets Changed Bedtime (Kind of)

If your child watches Sprout, you have likely seen the infamous commercials for the Dream Lites Pillow Pets. In case you can’t remember the visuals of a mother saying, “goodnight, (child’s name)” and the child and some other children, in the course of the commercial, actually going to sleep because they have a stuffed animal that lights up their room’s ceiling.

If you don’t remember the commercial’s visuals, perhaps you’ll remember the catchy jingle that goes something like “Dream Lites. Sleep tight. Starry night with Dream Lite.” Or at least that’s the way I sing it in the shower.

But, anyway, enough about me.

Any commercial featuring interesting toys and children who appear to be happier as a result of those toys are a huge hit with my oldest toddler.

She told me that she wanted a Dream Lites Pillow Pet because, as she promised, she would begin sleeping independently in her own room. “Do you promise?” I said. “Yes, mommy. I promise.”

Up until that time, she had refused sleeping in her own bed because she swore that there were “bugs” crawling on her ceiling. These bugs came out at night and always seemed to scare her into our room in the middle of the night.

She was scared of these bugs, so that’s why I purchased our Dream Lite in the Fluttery Butterfly design from a local Sears for around $30.

I didn’t have high hopes for her Dream Lite, but I thought I’d give it a try because, if nothing else, it could make a nice pillow for her bed.

So the first day I brought it home, she was ecstatic. It was during the day, around high noon at the time that I took it out of its packaging and inserted the required AAA batteries (which were not included with the toy). My toddler took it into the darkest rooms of the house and did her “oohhs” and “aahhs” like the children in the commercial and again reiterated that she would sleep alone at night now that she had her Dream Lite. “Thanks, mommy!” she said. “I not afraid of the dark anymore,” she said.

But then when night came, she was still afraid of the dark. Even with her Dream Lite, she still complained that it was too dark and that there were bugs. So, it didn’t work. The Dream Lite did create a fun starry night on her wall, but her room was still darker than she wanted it to be.

So, after a week of her sleeping in our room, I decided to buy a standard night light. I put it in her room and gave her the Dream Lite and that was the magic ticket. She now sleeps alone in her room thanks to both of the night lights.

Pros of Dream Lites Pillow Pets

-Doubles as a pillow

-Is easy to carry and transport

-Creates an interesting starry night sky that is fun to look at

-Starry night scene changes colors and has a timer that you can set to turn off for when your child falls asleep

-Easy for child to turn on (controlled by button that child presses)

Cons of Dream Lites Pillow Pet

-AAA batteries not included

-Doesn’t create a bright room in the way that some other traditional night lights can

-Price (While under $30, this price is rather steep for most parents on a budget)

Would I recommend the Dream Lites?

Yes. While I did have to purchase an additional night light to make my oldest daughter’s room brighter, she loves her Dream Lite. When she sleeps, she turns off the lights herself and just uses it as a lovey. So that it can double as more than just a night light is a huge bonus.



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