Dryer Sheets

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are the answer! What was the question, you ask? How do you get gum (like 10 loose pieces of Trident) out of the inside of your dryer AFTER you already ran the gum through the drying cycle with all the clothes?

Let’s say you have a 4 1/2 year old who is obsessed with gum. And yes, even though you technically have your kids wait until they are 5 years old to chew gum, you caved with this kid early. So, his obsession leads him to sneaking gum into his pockets all the time and when you go to do the laundry you miss those 10 pieces in this pant’s pockets. Not only did you miss them when you put the pants in the washer but you missed them when you threw everything in the dryer! Not to worry because if you are like me, you will notice the gum as you are removing the dried clothes from the dryer. That gum melted and smeared itself all over the inside of your 6 month old dryer. Great day, right?

Just in case you didn’t know: gum in dryer = bad news. Sure, I use peanut butter to get gum out of hair. Or you can freeze gum to remove it from clothes sometimes. But gum all over the inside of your dryer? That’s a new one. Since it’s a dryer that heats up over and over and over again, anything with chemicals is out. Yeah, setting my house on fire because of removing gum with chemicals that could potentially start a fire is out in my book.

So, Google to the rescue! You know what? I found the answer. Dryer sheets. That’s right…dryer sheets. They were made to go in the dryer anyway…so we are clear there. Who knew they can also be used to remove gum off the dryer walls. All you have to do is take a dryer sheet (or a few depending on the amount of gum!) and rub until the gum comes off. Sure it takes a bit of muscle but it does the job.

Needless to say gum is now outlawed in my house for a few decades or so because I’m just not that kind of mom who can check every single pocket on laundry day. Sorry, Trident! Love you, Bounce!

Dryer Sheets


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