Easy Mother’s Day Gifts from the Crafty Kid

Mother's Day

I still laugh every time I think about it.  As part of our yearly celebration of mothers, my church always has an essay contest among all of the Sunday school children.  Every child writes down why their mother is the best mom in the world, and the winning mommy receives a gift card and some major bragging rights for the next year.    My beloved pastor stood in front of the congregation that morning, chuckling as he read aloud the compositions of the finalists.  Everyone oohed and aaawed over how sweet those little ones could be, and there were more than a few teary eyes in the crowd.  That is, until my pastor read the following list……… 

“Why My Mom is the Best” 

1.     She feeds and waters me every day (is this a child or livestock?).

2.     She helps me wipe whenever I holler for her when I’m done using the potty (cue roars of laughter from the congregation). 

3.     She gives me lots of candy and popsicles (obviously 2 of the major child food groups).  

4.     She likes watching Blues Clues with me.

5.     She knows how to play Ninja Turtles real good (what mother doesn’t)?

6.     Plus she’s real pretty.

 Needless to say, I immediately knew which child wrote THAT list.  I kid you not, that is the exact list of why I was the best mother in the world the year Big Bud was 4 years old.  I was apparently a pretty, super-sleuth ninja turtle-dog who likes popsicles…who knew?  I still have that list tucked away somewhere and it has been the best Mother’s Day gift I have ever received.

 Mother’s day is the one day of the year where we moms get to enjoy the fruits of our motherly labors!  We get showered with hugs and kisses and the occasional “memorable” gift.  Inevitably, the gifts we treasure the most aren’t lavish or expensive, but rather are the lopsided handiwork of our little ones.  Check out this list of easy handmade crafts your kids can make for any special lady in their life.   

Tin Can Treats

 I ran across these neat little goody cans from Our Best BitesThese cans are an easy craft for your older children to make and can be filled with any kind of candy or special treats.  Know of a certain grandma who keeps a secret chocolate stash?  Fill one of these little goody cans with her favorite candy for those inevitable “chocolate emergencies”.  Or for the special pre-school teacher, tuck in some Hershey Kisses, a set of earplugs, and a dose of aspirin.  She’ll pop the top and be ready to tackle anything the day brings.  Now that’s thoughtful!

  Plant Stakes

For the mother in their life with a green thumb, try having your kiddos make these super cute plant stakes.  Any creation that involves googly eyes is sure to be a hit!  With only a few needed materials, even your smallest artists can get in on the fun.

 Flower Bouquet

Why not have your child give a huge bouquet of flowers to mom?  Well, a dozen roses sure can be hard on the old piggy bank!  For an easy-on-the-allowance alternative, these paper flowers are beautiful and easy to make.  Just imagine the look on mom’s face when her little angel shows up with a huge handful of these!  Have your little one pick a paper in her favorite color and whip together a beautiful bouquet.  And don’t worry – these pretty posies are allergy free! 

                                                                          Thumb Bunny Card If your kids are like mine, their little hands are always dirty.  It seems like I’m always wiping finger prints off the walls!  Put their tiny talent to work on this crafty little card.  It’ll be the one time they won’t get in trouble for leaving their fingerprints!  This gift would be great for a preschooler to give to their grandma or a special family member.           

Flower Pot Pens

The single greatest thing about these pens is that they are so hard to lose!  I know I am always misplacing my ink pens around the house.  Solve this problem for mom by having your little crafter make this fun flower pot pen.  Add in a small terra cotta vase and wrap it in some pretty cellophane for a cute solution for the disappearing pen problem.  They would look great on her desk at work too!