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  1. Great tips!

    I agree 100% with being polite with potential customers. Would you buy from a person with an attitude? I know I wouldn’t. I personally don’t put why I am selling the item in the listing but I can see why it is helpful. Great write-up.

  2. we can got more profit to sell our product on ebay and Craigslist but remember always that the product should be good and its price is also suitable according to it’s product. The product should be listed in the relevent category becuase if people search anything then they got very easily the product which they required.

  3. My husband sells a lot on Ebay — if you can, factor in tracking to your purchase every time. Ebay will usually side with the buyer if there is ever a dispute.

    Also, in our experience on Craigslist, post on a day you are ready & able to meet people. We would post something on a Thursday afternoon/night, expecting people to see it on Friday & want to meet that afternoon or sometime over the weekend. However, we were often astonished that many people wanted to come by and see the item RIGHT THEN AND THERE, as soon as they saw the listing. If we couldn’t meet right away, people weren’t interested. Also, once your item is sold, take down your listing.

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