Ella’s Kitchen – Yummy Organic Baby Food

Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food was created by a father, Paul Lindley, to offer a fun, tasty and cool healthy alternative to parent’s searching for the perfect baby food!  Ella’s Kitchen stage 1 baby foods only include organic fruits and vegetables – that’s all – no fillers, salt, sugar, or added water!

The packaging will make any child say “wow” and immediately start reaching for their food.  Your happy baby will surely know it’s feeding time when Mom or Dad takes out this delectable baby food.  Not only is the packaging appealing to young children, it’s also an awesome benefit for on-the-go parents.  The perfect pouches are easily popped into any diaper bag and, when it’s feeding time, you can simply take them out and serve room temperature or heat this delicious food by standing in hot water!  You can even serve them straight from the pouch – the only thing that you need to bring with you is a spoon!    The resealable cap also allows for the uneaten food to be refrigerated and safe to use for 48 hours if unheated.  Healthy and Handy – what more could a parent ask for!

Ella’s kitchen also offers four natural smoothies for the toddlers and children to shake, squeeze and slurp!  These smoothies are made with all natural crushed organic fruit!  These are perfect to send in your child’s lunch box for a yummy healthy treat!

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Kori Savage, Editor As a mother on the go each day of the week due to the demands of working outside the home, Kori is constantly in search of the perfect baby products to make her "on the go" lifestyle more palatable. Educational stimulation is also of utmost importance to Kori and she is constantly in search of those baby products that encourage learning and imaginative play. Kori is mother to the most amazing two year old little girl, who is always ready to try out yet another one of mom's "perfect" baby product finds. Kori loves to spend spare time with family and experiencing the rich culture of New Orleans, the city she has always called home!

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