Encourage Kids To Save With These Money Boxes

In a world centered around buy. buy. buy, we often forget to teach our kids how to save. But saving money, donating to charity and helping those less fortunate than us are important principles for our future generations. Although my daughter is not two yet, we are teaching her how to put coins in a charity box that she covered with stickers. She is more concerned about the stickers and the sounds the coins make, but the point is to get her used to the idea.

Making a money box is a fun way to get your little one even more excited about saving, and they don’t have to be fancy, just let your child use their imagination to paint a wooden box or a jar and personalize it with their name. There are plenty of creative and interesting ways to make one on the internet. If you have older children, you can explain the idea of saving, maybe even put up a picture of something they’re hoping to buy so they remember what they’re working towards. If you’re looking to buy something to encourage them, here are some money boxes that make the job fun for all.


1. Little Tikes Classics Blue Large Piggy Bank $27.50

It’s definitely a classic- this piggy bank is large enough for coins and bills, and is plastic so if it gets dropped, it won’t break. It also comes in pink.


2. 20″ Tall Aqua Big Belly Bank $39.95

John Cheshnut came up with the wonderful idea of these tall Belly Banks for little children, and they are a hit! Handcrafted here in America, they are wooden coin banks that hold dimes, pennies and quarters in the animal’s belly. They come in a range of animals like dinosaurs, dolphins, cats and his 23″ belly banks come in even more variations like a tractor, a baseball, and so much more, you have to check out this page! He will even personalize it with your child’s name for free! To open the jar you will need a flat-head screwdriver.

3. Moonjar Classic Moneybox: Spend, Save, Share $21.49

I love the concept of this 3-in-1 one money box, which teaches children to not only save their money, but also to keep some for sharing (they could buy gifts or donate to charity) and some for their own personal spending. The boxes are made from tin and the plastic lids fit on securely.

4. Zillionz Secret Code Vault $14.99

Looking for something fun for an older child? This vault takes saving money seriously! It has a four digit secret code to keep out prying siblings, and even an alarm that signals when the wrong code is entered! There is a slot at the top so you don’t need to unlock the vault to deposit money. Batteries included.


5. YOUniverse ATM Machine Bank $89.99

For the child that wants to be an adult, try this ATM machine bank. You can deposit bills and coins, and enter how much is being deposited so that the bank can keep your total balance up-to-date. They will choose their own 4-digit PIN to use with their “card” whenever they want to take money out. It features an electronic screen and an alpha-numeric keyboard. Batteries included.


How do you encourage your kids to save or spend?