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How to End the Diaper Genie Debate: Just Shut Up About It!

Oh diaper genie, why is there such debate and disagreement over you?

People either like using theirs (I don’t say “love” because who ever says “We love our poop prison”? ) or they seem to passionately hate them.

diaper genieThose who like them will defend the product as if everyone is personally attacking them just because they choose to store a few poopy diapers in a sealed container before taking them outside. The pro-genies will point out things like how the product doesn’t cost too much money and how you can rig up standard grocery bags to use in place of the purchased, specific refills. Perhaps the biggest reason they claim to appreciate their diaper genies is the convenience of saving them a million trips down three flights of apartment stairs during that newborn stage where the baby seems to re-crap itself every 30 minutes.

Those who hate diaper genies will rant about all of it’s cons, focusing solely on the fact that you’re choosing to store human feces inside your home for any extended period of time. The haters make the assumption that your home must stink like an outhouse if you own and use a genie. They go on and on about what a waste of money it was when they got theirs and how much they regret the purchase, as if they had dropped hundreds of dollars on it. And there always seems to be at least a few haters who will accuse the lovers of being lazy with a scoff and an eye roll: “How can you be so lazy that you can’t even walk the diaper out to your trash?” (They obviously have never had newborn twins and lived on the sixth floor of a New York apartment complex that shares one dumpster across the lot).

I just have one question: Why the crap (see what I did there?) is there such a debate over this stupid topic?

It’s a thirty-something dollar container that remains hidden in a back room where most visitors would never see or smell it. Who cares if Susan owns one and jams it full of her baby’s diapers before taking them out every few days? And who cares if maybe the ones who hate the genie actually prefer to store their dirty diapers outside their garage door until they finally remember to move them. To each their own!

I understand the debate over products like the Owlet Baby Monitor or whether a double stroller is really necessary because let’s face it—those products are freaking expensive! Not only that, they provide a function that is either life or sanity saving. So getting one and regretting it would mean much more to a higher population of parents. Hating the Owlet for not working properly or hating the stroller because you never used it would make more sense.

But a $30+ diaper holder that (kind of) succeeds in locking out the smell and saves you 20 extra feet when you sometimes feel like a zombie mom? No one cares your opinion on it! That’s one of those products where you can buy it, try it, and if you really hate it that much, at least you’re not out that much money. You can even try to sell it to another unsuspecting new parent and maybe get 10 bucks back. Or re-gift it to a friend who’s expecting (pro tip: fill it with clean diapers so even if she ends up not using the diaper genie, she will get something useful out of the gift!)

So I really don’t understand the debate. If you hate the diaper genie, lay off those of us who appreciate ours. If you like your diaper genie, ignore the haters who have a different preference and do yo’ thang.

Everybody, no matter what side you’re on: don’t call people of the opposite opinion names (like lazy crap lovers or dumb bums) and thus lose your integrity over a topic so silly and inconsequential. Because if you boil it down to what makes a parent “good” or “crappy,” how they handle dirty diapers in their own home is not something that should define them…Unless they choose to throw the poopy diapers into the parking lot and let unsuspecting neighbors run them over with their car. THEN we are allowed to judge your choices at least a little. (Yes, I’m looking at you, neighbor in 2B!)

When in doubt, just think of it this way: Your over-opinionated view about diaper genies, one way or the other, is not like diarrhea: you can keep this one in!

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Saturday 10th of February 2018

This is so timely right now, because while I was pro-Genie as a young mother, my eldest, a mother herself now, is not. To each his/her own. It was a gift from someone. If it doesn't work for "you", disinfect it and move it on to bless another parent who sees value in it.

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