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  1. This is awesome! We have the ergo and my almost 2 year old has basically lived in it for her entire life. She is prone to hip problems and this design and the “old” ergo obviously provides better supprt for that. Having the option for her to face out is an added bonus for places where she needs to see like the zoo or museum. Good job ergo another great product!

  2. I dont think the front facing scare was just a scare. It does make sense. For the 360 you can see that baby is in a seated position well supported as there is firmly shaped base and does not make the baby hang by the crotch. Well at least thats what i see.
    I think it is great that ErgoBaby have in all these years finally developed a front facing carrier that is safe n ergonomic for baby…satisfying baby’s need to be at front facing sometimes. =)

  3. Many people are UPSET about this carrier and ERGOBABY.

    WHY? Because ErgoBaby have made 100s of $$$ lying for 10 years.
    Because of ERGObaby women around the world are literally being harassed for following their instinct and carry their baby facing forward. (YES: they STARTED the forward facing scare tactics.)

    No, we are not only talking about the hip concern, but other scare tactics which are no longer on ERGOBaby’s blog. According to ERGOBaby facing a baby forward: “will compromise its basic capability to regulate stress reactions, which in the long run can become detrimental to mental and physical health”. Most people realized they were lying – now we all know they did.

    Hopefully other companies will learn there is a Nemesis – lying to customs eventually fires back.

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