Ergobaby Release Counterfeit Online Sellers List

We live in times where counterfeits are common place, whether it be fake money, cell phones, tickets for events, or something else. And now, sadly, we have to be careful when purchasing certain baby items.

Ergobaby, one of the world’s most popular brand baby carriers, recently released a list of online retailers that they state are selling counterfeit Ergos to innocent parents across the world. They were able to compile the list through emails and calls from people who had bought the fake ergo products. You can read the full list of online counterfeit retailers HERE, and Ergobaby state they will update it monthly.

If you are interested in buying an Ergobaby product, please consider the following:

1. When buying in person, be sure that you have checked you are buying from an Ergobaby authorized retailer. You can search for authorized retailers HERE. Please keep in mind that Ergobaby does not authorize sales through Craigslist.

2. When buying online, always check the online authorized retailers list HERE.

3. The only Ebay Ergobaby authorized retailer is Big Blue Castle. Anyone else on ebay is not an authorized online retailer, so do not risk buying from them!

4. If possible, check the workmanship of the product. Ergobaby’s website states ” We take great pride in providing the highest quality Ergobaby® products.” I have an ergo carrier and this is completely true, they are well crafted, and counterfeits often show poor workmanship.

Real Ergobaby products come with the following promise:

“For our authentic products, we can guarantee attentive & personal Customer Service, a 30-day trial period (for undamaged returns) and stellar warranties, services and protections, as well as the ultimate security and safety that an Ergobaby® Carrier provides.”

Be sure to do your research before buying an Ergobaby product, and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the real thing. Ergo carriers really are worth the money- they are fantastic!

If you or anyone you know believes they have bought a counterfeit Ergobaby product, email