Estella Bamboo Layette Collection: Easy on the Eye – Good for the Soul

I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m cheap. Ok, not cheap, but when it comes to spending money on baby clothes I have a really hard time forking over the cash. It’s not that I’m morally opposed to luxury baby clothes or anything, I’d just rather spend the money on myself.

Here’s my exception: The Estella Bamboo Layette Collection.

The biggest reason I don’t mind spending my clothing allowance on these luxury items it that Estella is a company that is socially and environmentally conscious. Not only does Estella make luxury organic baby clothes, they also work hard to produce their entire Bamboo Layette line within the United States. Not only does that reduce their carbon footprint, it support our local economy. And I know that’s an issue that is affecting all of us right now.

Organic baby clothing isn’t just about being trendy either. Bamboo is an ideal plant to make cotton from because it is sustainable and regenerates much quicker than regular cotton. Plus, the cotton made from bamboo is incredibly silky and smooth, which is something that sensitive newborn skin can appreciate.

And because it can’t all just be about saving the planet (although it totally should be) the little rompers and hats are beyond adorable. Too bad they don’t come in adult sized because I would definitely squeeze myself into one. I also love their kimono onesies because they are WAY easier to take off than regular pull-over style onesies. The four main colors offered in the Estella Bamboo layette line are very easy on the eye and would be complimentary to any infant’s skin. The yellow or gray would make be perfect for a gender-neutral baby gift. I also appreciate how the bunting bags have buttons up the front, so you don’t have to try to pull the whole gown over your infant’s head. None of my kids ever liked that.

I just have to give a big thank you to Estella Baby Clothing for making clothing that is functional, fashionable, supports our local economy and is environmentally friendly. I’m totally giving you guys a virtual high five right now, if you couldn’t tell.

For more information or to shop the Estella Baby Clothing visit their website here.