Etsy aka The Holy Land for Moms

I discovered Etsy a few years ago and it changed my life. If you haven’t heard of Etsy, it’s a wonderful land of enchantment full of every handmade, vintage item your heart desires. They have everything, and I mean everything!


Etsy is a great place for moms to shop because many of the shops are run by stay at home moms and it’s wonderful to support their local businesses!

Since finding Etsy, I’ve been able to get custom made Halloween costumes for my son, a personalized outfit for his first birthday, 90% of his nursery decor which was all custom and handmade, engraved mommy necklaces, and over 50% of my sons everyday wardrobe.

So many times I see moms on social media sites asking where they can get a variety of different products and I always want to call each and every one of them up and tell them the good news that is Etsy.

Etsy is an amazingly well designed site, too. It has great search engines, lets you privately message shop owners who have always gotten back to me within hours, and lets you shop by price, category, and many other keywords.

If you’re a creative individual, like custom made items of any kind, and like your child to be dressed in one of a kind apparel, this is your one stop shop. With the holidays coming up, you’ll have loads of fun browsing all the possible gifts etsy has to offer, too! Many shops will even gift wrap for you and mail straight to your receivers destination. I’ve purchased baby shower and Christmas gifts from Etsy before and have been able to even include gift messages inside my presents.

Etsy will amaze you just as it amazed me and after you sign up to look for just one item, five hours later you’ll look at your watch and realize you’ve been staring at your computer screen for a lot longer than you expected. It’s that good.