Evoz Baby Monitor

Want to listen to your baby? There’s an App for that!

With Evoz you can download a portable baby monitor that can be accessed from anywhere in the world! Customize your Evoz baby monitor to your child, listen to him wherever you go and track their sleeping patterns… all in one easy to use place.


You want a monitor with unlimited range

evoz is the monitor with absolutely no range limit. Unlike other baby monitors, evoz lets you go anywhere in your house or yard. That’s because evoz works with your smartphone to give you more freedom to do what you need to.

You want to stay connected on the go

With the evoz baby monitor, you’re always connected to your baby, even on the go. That’s because evoz works with your cell phone, letting you hear everything that’s going on in your baby’s room. You can even use your cell to turn evoz on or off and change its setting and alerts.

You want your baby’s data

evoz is a smart monitor that shows you your baby’s crying and sleep data so you can know how your baby compares to others and how to improve their sleep.


What do you need?

Evoz currently runs on apple ios devices. You need 2 devices in order to use evoz:

  • one iphone, ipod touch gen 4, ipad or Evoz Monitor for the baby’s room
  • one iphone or ipad for the parent to walk around with preferably with 3G but also Wifi will work
  • NEW! evoz now has web control – enabling you to do everything from any web browser
  • A great accessory to have is the iPhone/iPod charger. Having this allows you to keep a charger in your baby’s room at all time.
What does it cost?
Evoz has a wide range of plans:
  • Basic (FREE)– 30 minutes of monitoring each day, controlled from a smartphone, receive parenting data to your smartphone
  • Standard ($39.99 for 1 year)– Unlimited monitoring/listening to your baby, multiple guardians with access to baby’s monitor
  • Premium ($69.99 for 1 year)– All Standard package, connect while busy with a call or text alert when baby cries, early access to parenting dashboard
The Standard and Premium plans can also be purchased daily and monthly. I like this option because not only can you test it before you jump in with both feet, you can pay for the amount of time in which you wish to use it. Here are some examples of when you could use Evoz:
  • Traveling to grandma’s house- you and your husband can both install the Evoz App for use while traveling to grandma’s… or anywhere!
  • Going back to work- after month of being home with your baby, you still want to be able to check in on him.
  • Leaving baby with a sitter or relative- you can check in on your little one while away and see how (if at all) their sleep patterns change while you are away.
  • Long distance monitoring- it can be rare to find a baby monitor that reaches as far as your… backyard.
I tried the Evoz monitor (with the Premium plan) at home and while traveling. I loved it for traveling!
We placed an iPod Touch in the same room as the baby and I was able to monitor him with my iPhone from anywhere in my Mother-in-law’s house. I didn’t have to worry about range or packing a baby monitor for our trip; I had one built-in on my phone. It was a lifesaver.
For home use, well… I’m kind of spoiled by my video monitor so it wasn’t my “go-to” monitoring system. I do, however, love the built-in sleep tracker. I used the No Cry Sleep Solution book for two of my children and part of figuring out the root to sleep “problems” is knowing your baby’s sleep patterns. Let me tell you, gaining knowledge of your baby’s sleep patterns (no matter what sleep method you look into or use) is a valuable thing to have under your wing– it can help you plan your day and help figure out sleep changes, teething, growth spurts and other changes in your baby’s schedule or routine. Having this information documented automatically is awesome… I remember trying to keep track of my baby’s sleeping schedule on post-it notes at 2:00am.
The monitor is clear and easy to use
The signal was extremely clear in my house and at my Mother-in-law’s house. I never had interference noise but I did notice that there is a 3-5 second delay from baby monitor to parent monitor.
Because it’s an App, on a smartphone, you do have to remember that there can be interferences– so you should try to keep the monitor away from internet connections and wireless devices. Also, never put the baby unit in baby’s sleeping area (crib, bassinet, etc.) and keep the cord away from baby at all times. The baby device has to be plugged in when used for extended periods of time (or when in use continuously) so keeping the cord out of baby’s reach is extremely important.
Evoz has amazing customer support. They answer questions quickly and efficiently and are genuinely interested in your experience and comments.

You can download Evoz on iTunes HERE.