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  1. Also, clogged ducts. For some reason no one seems to be as unfortunate as me but I was very prone to clogged ducts. Nothing worked: nurse often, no wire bras, change sleeping position, change nursing position… But it does happen and I ended being on lecithin supplements to finally help with this. After crying for weeks no one knew to tell me to try the lecithin. Evidently my milk was thicker than normal so it caused frequent clogged ducts and it was so painfu, but lecithin to the rescue.

  2. Leakage, when it’s early on and your body is still figuring out how this whole thing works one breast pad may not be enough. We went to a friend’s wedding when my first born was only 2 weeks old. She was an angel! Slept through the entire thing, however by the end I was VERY full and even though I had breast pads in, I have leaked through them resulting in an embarassing wet spot on my shirt which I noticed just in time for the reception.

    Also, you will be sore, and no it’s not necessarily b/c baby is latched on wrong, at first it just hurts. Lanolin helps, but pretty much no matter what you do there will be some soreness the first time. Good news is, this goes away soon, and with future babies you won’t really have much soreness at all. If you can make it through the first 2 or 3 weeks, it gets so so much easier!

  3. One thing I never expected and never read in any of the books was the spray! My babies would move their mouth away and get shot in the face with milk spray. I wondered why they didn’t choke, it was a pretty heavy flow.

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