What to Expect When You are Breastfeeding (VIDEO)

Breastfeeding is one of the best things you can do for your baby, but it can be very overwhelming for a brand new mom who doesn’t know what to expect. The media makes it look glamorous with images of a gorgeous, perfect mother sitting in a white flowing dress and calmly feeding her newborn as the heavens open up and the angels sing.

And then there is reality.

My sister-in-law is a brand, new, first time mom with a three week old, and already I’ve heard “why didn’t you tell me that?” more than once. Here is the thing – new moms have never been a mom, so they don’t know what questions to ask. Moms who have been there and done that don’t want to scare or overwhelm a new mom with too much information that they may or may not want.

When I asked my sister-in-law what are some of the things that new moms need to know – her #1 answer was “what to REALLY expect when breastfeeding.”

So, today is the day that we get real and I lay it all out for you. The amazing, good, bad and ugly of breastfeeding all in one Baby Gizmo video! I’ve done it all – breastfed exclusively, formula-fed, supplemented with formula and pumped. This is just going to be a girl to girl chat about what to really expect!

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