Expected Recall on Phil & Ted’s Explorer strollers

Phil & Ted has recalled their Explorer and Hammerhead strollers in Australia and are expected to do the same here in the US soon.  This recall pertains to strollers purchased between June and Decemeber of 2010 and does not include strollers bought after January of this year.

Check out the recall from the Australian government for more information.

What are the hazards?

Fully functioning brakes are critical to ensuring the stroller remains safely stationary when parked.

What are the defects?

Brakes can become damaged during normal use or foreseeable misuse and no longer function as intended. Furthermore, loss of function may not be apparent to the user.

If your stroller is included in this recall be sure to contact Phil & Ted’s immediately. ┬áHave your serial number ready to verify your stroller frame needs to be replaced.