Facebook LIVE Chat from ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas

Abc kids expo

YOU ARE INVITED!! Yes, YOU are invited to go inside the closed-to-the-public world of the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas with Baby Gizmo and Twiniversity!

Hollie from Baby Gizmo and Nat from Twiniversity are heading to Vegas JUST for you!

This dynamic duo with over 22 years of combined baby gear experience will be streaming LIVE video from the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas on October 18th-20th.

The ABC Kids Expo is one of North America’s largest trade shows. Featuring thousands of booths covering nearly one million square feet of exhibitor space all focused on children’s products, Hollie and Nat will have on their comfy walking shoes and are ready to hit the ground running.

Hollie, one of the industry’s leading baby gear experts, and Natalie, the world’s most renowned twin parenting expert, will be checking out the latest gadgets, gizmos, strollers and children’s products LIVE from the expo floor. Each day we’ll be chatting about new baby products, new features and new fashions from some of the hottest baby gear brands!

ABC Kids Expo

Sure, we might be hopping on LIVE Facebook for surprise announcements but if you are a planner, there are TWO big days and times that you’ll want to set an alert for!


Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 1:00pm PST (4pm EST), we’ll be live from the Kolcraft booth to showcase a surprise new product AND many amazing crib mattresses. You’ll get to see the soybean cool gel memory foam crib mattresses that have become some of the most popular innovative items on the market up close and personal! This is one Q&A chat you won’t want to miss!

Our ABC fun won’t end there!

Thursday, October 18, 2015 at 1:00pm PST (4pm EST), Hollie and Nat will be chatting live at the BABYBJÖRN booth to give you a look at all of their new products before they hit stores this winter and into 2017!


LIVE on the Baby Gizmo Facebook Page. (Yep, you can attend this party in your soft clothes (aka pajamas or yoga pants!) while Hollie and Natalie are suffering through uncomfortable shoes and actual clothes while broadcasting LIVE for you!)


Giveaways isn’t usually a heading in an invitation to a party but this isn’t just any party! This is a LIVE Facebook Chat with Baby Gizmo and Twiniversity which means we have things to give away! During the LIVE Chats each day of the ABC Kids Expo, Hollie and Nat will be giving GREAT things away to those would participate in the conversation!

And don’t forget, you can post your baby gear questions to the Baby Gizmo’s Facebook Page and we’ll answer them LIVE from ABC! Post them now or post them during the LIVE chat!

Don’t worry, that’s not all. Stay tuned to the Baby Gizmo and Twiniversity social media and YouTube channels for even more coverage.

*Disclosure: These ABC Kids Expo LIVE Chats are not (and never will be!) sponsored by, endorsed by or affiliated with Facebook.