Family activity: Your very own family day

There’s a day to celebrate love (Valentine’s Day), there’s a day to celebrate a man that changed equality (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) and there’s a day to celebrate the birth of your child (birthday), but what about starting your own day? Starting your our own family tradition? Maybe one that your kids can pass down from generation to generation.

How to pick a family day

Encourage some family time with a new activity – pick a day that is special (or a random day that simply sounds like a good day) and make it a special day just for your family.

Get a calendar and go through the months. If you’re having a hard time picking a date, look at which months don’t have birthdays or big holidays. If your kids are in school, you can look at the school calendar to see if there are any non-school days that don’t involve a holiday. You kids will be home on a non-school day anyway so you might as well make it a special day.

How to name your family day

Get creative with naming your family day but be careful not to make it a specific name that can’t carry over to each year.

How to pick activities on your family day

Your activities will depend on the weather and age of your children. One idea is to have a family day fish bowl and fill it with ideas starting a few weeks leading up to the big day. You can also take turns selecting activities or start a family bucket list – then accomplish each goal on your bucket list each year.