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unicorn cake

How to Make a Rainbow Unicorn Cake

Believe it or not, but our Junior Gizmo gal just turned 13! Yep, we have a teenager in the house! (Yes, if you are...
When life gives you lemons…open a lemonade stand!

When life gives you lemons…open a lemonade stand!

Since summer unofficially kicked off yesterday, the kids are ready to start their summer planning. This year, I finally think they're old enough to...
Teacher Gift

Teacher Love on the First Day of School

How to show appreciation to your child's teacher from the very beginning I come from a family of teachers. Honestly, it’s a wonder I’m not...
Caramel Popcorn

8 Amazing Caramel Popcorn Recipes

My husband makes some mean kettle corn, but the other day, I was craving something a little bit sweeter. I was feeling inspired, so...