Fashion Forecasting For Kids- What’s Hot For Spring

Confession: I love shopping. Even more than shopping for myself, I LOVE shopping for my son. There are so many cute clothes on the market and with Spring now in bloom, I’ve gone a little crazy adding some pieces to my sons wardrobe. Today I wanted to do a little fashion forecasting for you. There are so many cool trends going on right now in kids fashion and today I am going to share a few with you!




Simple staple pieces with bright, vibrant colors are making a big appearance this Spring. This tank from Hello Apparel is a perfect example. Soft, comfortable, and super easy to pair with all sorts of different bottoms. As a bonus, they make this kids tank in an adult size, too so you can match your kids! (If you are into that!)  Shop Hello Apparel Here.


Funky patterns on bright backgrounds. Unisex leggings like this will definitely have your kids’ wardrobe styling for Spring. Pair cool, comfortable leggings with your favorite tee for a day out in the sunshine this Spring. Shop Candy Kirby Designs Here.


Feathers, Tepees, Arrows and the like are EVERYWHERE right now. I’m seeing them not only in the adult sections of stores, but in the kids sections and all over online, too. The best thing about this trend is that it’s perfect for boys and girls and very easy to pull off. Shop Little Boogaweezin Here.


Neon, neon, neon! Is it just me or is neon everywhere? I LOVE IT! Neon green, pink, purple, yellow, I’ll take one of each please. Be it on skinny jeans like the pair above, or tops, grab your child a piece of neon for Spring. Shop Gap Kids Here.


Funky, awesome shoes. Goodbye black and brown shoes, hello cool colored moccasins! Color isn’t just for shirts and pants now, it’s for shoes, too! Have fun this Spring and extend the color your kid is wearing down to their feet, too. Shop Freshly Picked Moccasins Here.



Pattern Play.  Have fun with patterns this Spring with shirts like this hand painted one from Thief And Bandit Kids. Leopard print, polka dots, triangles, you name it. Pair your patterns with a neon pant or get really crazy and pair it with a different pattern bottom. Shop Thief And Bandit Kids Here.


Animals. Clothing items like this dress from Mini Rodini is a perfect example of how to wear animal patterns this Spring. If you’ve got a little girl, be on the look out for sweet dresses with animals on them or if you have a boy, try out this trend on a shirt or leggings. Shop Mini Rodini Here.

Have I missed your favorite Spring trend for the kids? Leave us a comment and let us know!