Father’s Day Gifts For the Sports Lover

Is your dad or husband a sports guy?

Do you feel kind of lost when it comes to finding him the right gift?

Well, with a whole team of sports lovers in my family, I’ve rounded up a few favorites that are sure to make them smile this Father’s Day … or any other holiday for that matter.

Click the above mini photos for details about each dad item!

There’s no doubt in my mind that many a sports dad would be happy with many of these gifts. I mean, what dad wouldn’t love a jersey from his favorite team or a big ol’ “Game Time” decor for his man cave? Don’t forget a coupon for a special kids and dad movie date with a favorite sports movie – think Mighty Ducks, For the Love of the Game or Remember the Titans. I know our dad can’t get enough of those! Oh, and back to the man cave or dad’s office – hello! a fabulous golf-inspired iPhone dock. That’s par for the course!

On the experience note, tickets to a game are always a hit! Make it the main adventure for your Father’s Day weekend or send a child on a memorable date just with dad. For a family event, we actually enjoys the minor league games since they’re a little more low key. Is their a minor league team close to you?

Last, but not least, many sports lovers are also avid sports players – so, inspire your dad to stay active with the popular FitBit or a new addition to his bike – a kid’s passenger seat! After all, it’s Father’s Day and without a kid in tow they wouldn’t have this special celebration.

Do you have a sports lover for a dad? What gifts does he usually love?