Favorites For Your Little Firefighter

My daughter’s 4th birthday isn’t until this fall, but she’s already dreaming up her party theme and a list of gifts that she would like. Top of her list … a race car, play dough and a fire truck!

I think her love of firefighters began in February when our homeschool group visited our local station. And sidenote, the firemen did an amazing job explaining fire safety, showing off their trucks and interacting with the kids. I highly recommend taking your kids on a fire station tour. Ever since then it has been firetrucks and stop-drop-and-rolling. She has her little brother loving all things fire too!

So, in preparation for her birthday, I’ve been rounding up all sorts of adorable firefighter clothing, costumes, toys and accessories. I’m especially in love with the firetruck plates and silverware – will probably need two of those so there isn’t any squabbling at the dinner table 🙂

FIREFIGHTER FIREMAN GIFTSLittle Firefighter by thatmamag on Polyvore

Click the above mini photos for links to each item.

Do we have any other firefighter obsessed little ones out there?