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  1. Thank you so much for all your great reviews! My Chicco Liteway Plus just broke (the wheel broke off!) and we are heading to Disneyland with my 16 month-old in just a couple of weeks! The Combi Fold n Go looks like a stroller I would like to check out, but it seems to be only available directly through Combi right now. Do you know if/when/where it will be available in retail stores? Also, I am interested in the Summer Infant 3D-one Stroller (which also seems to be new), the Joovy Groove and the Uppababy G-Luxe. Do you have any other suggestions on other strollers I should be looking at? And/or could you recommend one from those that I am already considering? This will be my primary stroller that I will use to run errands (I already have a good jogging stroller). It will mostly live in the SMALL back cargo area of my car – it’s very narrow when I have the 3rd row of seats up – the Chicco Liteway barely fit. The Chicco Liteway was about 23 pounds and that was fine – lighter would be better, but not a big deal. We will be traveling via airplane with this stroller a few times a year. I would like something that rides a little smoother than the Liteway and would be comfortable enough for my baby to sleep in. A huge basket underneath would be a plus! Even better would be if the basket was easy to get in and out of! I don’t like how most umbrella strollers don’t come with some kind of kid’s snack bar – this is why the Combi caught my eye – but I realize the snack bar might keep it from fitting in my car.. My husband and I are average height (I am 5′ 5″) so we don’t need adjustable handles. This will be our “last” stroller” so I don’t need it to work with a car seat since my little one is past the “newborn” stage. I have noticed that some umbrella strollers give you the option of having your child face you – is this something that is helpful for toddlers and pre-school aged children? I am willing to pay up to $350.00. I’d love a light, compact umbrella stroller that rides and feels like a Cadillac 🙂 Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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