Featured Review: Graco Swing by Me 2 in 1 Portable Swing

A swing is a must-have on many new parent baby registries. My babies adored their swings. Raised up from the floor, ensconced behind metal poles, plastic trays and wide-winged seats, my babies had a great view of the family room and yet were protected from most of the hubbub of our house.

There are three basic types of baby swings: Traditional Swing (full-size that swings front to back), Cradle Swing (swings front to back and side to side) and a travel or portable swing.

Today, I’m highlighting a portable swing. Before we get to the specifics on the Graco Swing by Me 2 in 1 Portable Swing, it’s good to know that a travel or portable swing is a compact (usually lower to the ground) one that folds for moving from room to room or taking on-the-go. These types of swings are best for parents living in a small space and looking to fold it away when not in use, traveling to friends and the grandparents’ house, or just for those people looking for a compact swing that they can move from room to room.

The Graco Swing by Me is more of a “portable swing” because while it folds, it’s still not compact enough for you to want to travel with it often. Sure, I think it is a great option for the grandparents’ house but I would recommend buying one and leaving it there as opposed to traveling with the swing back and forth. What is great about this Graco swing is that it folds so that you can store it away at home in a closet or behind a couch which is something you’d never be able to do with a full-size, standard swing. The compact size also makes it perfect for moving from room to room to bring baby with you while you aren’t able to hold them.

Graco swing

Because you are getting a compact, folding swing, you will be missing additional features such as music, vibration and a big mobile. There is a cute overhead bar that has two detachable soft toys for visual stimulation, and the seat has a 3 position recline. You have the swing motion (front to back) with a variety of speeds but no additional hoopla to distract your baby. That’s okay because the job of a swing is to swing! All those other features are just nice-to-haves. The main feature of this is its portability and compact fold, which most other swings do not have.

While the swinging motion from slow to fast is great, there is motor noise that comes along with it, so you will hear it as your baby swings. It’s not too loud, but it is there.

To get a full up close and personal look at the Graco Swing by Me 2 in 1 Portable Swing, watch our Baby Gizmo video below.

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