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  1. Post part um is a terrible consequence for a beautiful event in your life. I hope you can get over it and get the help you need. I’m also very glad you have a friend that knows and understands the need for you to escape. parenting can be tough.

    look at it this way… those shackles that you constantly have are welcomed chains to those that have lost their babies, that habe empty wombs and those who are in despair trying to conceive.

    I would welcome that feeling of being trapped in exchange for this feeling of emptiness and grief of not having my own. because there can a
    only be so much that you can fill it with… that nothing else but your own child can fill.

    I lost my baby April 7, just a few weeks ago, to early onset preeclampsia. she was 23 weeks and died in utero. i too am experiencing post partum depression as well as extreme PTSD, and I wish i could experience the pain that you’re feeling instead of what I am. because at least you have something to live for in the end and you’re rewarded with a beautiful, tangible life, instead of a terrible tragedy and pictures to remind you of your grief and disappointment in yourself.

    take care and hope things get better for you

  2. I am so glad that I came across this. It is as if this was written for me to know that I am not alone. It is almost as if we are walking in the same shoes except for the fact that I don’t have conference calls, instead I am trying to homeschool 4 kids with an 8 month old that is uber-clingy!
    Thanks for posting this.

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