Fighting the Post-Christmas Blahs

Fighting the Post-Christmas Blahs

Fighting the Post-Christmas Blahs

Blah.  That’s how I feel right now.  I was so pumped up during the holiday season and now it’s all over.  The holiday season is done (finally!).  It always seems like such a whirlwind of baking, shopping, and family gatherings galore.  Where did it go?!?!  Have the last 2 months really gone so quickly?  I can’t help feeling a little let-down.

So here I am in the New Year and already I’m starting to feel like I’m stuck in a rut.  I guess you could call it the post-Christmas crash.  My children are always on their best behavior during the holidays in order to ensure they make it on the nice list.  After all, no kid really wants to be on the naughty list.  Fast forward to January and its back to reality where chaos reigns once again!

My fa-la-la has turned into blah-blah-blah.  Maybe it’s the rapid drop in my blood sugar level brought on by a lack of Christmas treats that has me down?  Or possibly it’s the weather?  Maybe it’s the secret dread of paying the bills from my annual Christmas shop-a-thon?

Everyone loves a white Christmas, but I’m seriously starting to get cabin fever!  A mom can only take so much sub-zero weather!  I have to be honest that sitting around in my pj’s, sipping hot chocolate and watching movies is starting to get old.  I’m really starting to crave a little fun in the sun!  The Buds are feeling it too.  If I had a dollar for every time I heard, “Mom, there’s nothing to do!”, I would be a bazillionaire.

So what’s a mom to do?  If you and your troops are as tired of hibernating as I am, take heart!  After all, the cold, dark days of winter won’t last forever.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  Check out this list of ideas that might just be enough to help you fight off the post Christmas blahs.

#1 – Don’t Just Sit ThereFighting the Post-Christmas Blahs

I will be the first person to admit that I ate my body weight in sweets.  I guess I went a little overboard because I sit here typing in my elastic waist pants, feeling more than a little bloated.  Are you in the same boat?  Don’t just sit there, get moving!

Not really the excercisey type?  No biggie.  Activity doesn’t have to mean a 3 mile jog.  Simple things like giving the house a good cleaning can really improve your mood.  Even a simple walk around the block can do the trick.  Granted, I know it’s probably really cold outside.  I for one dread the blast of artic air that slams me anytime I so much as crack the back door.

I try and plan activities with The Buds that keep our cold exposure to a minimum.  Even something as simple as a trip to the indoor McDonald’s Play Land for a 30 minute run amok can do wonders.  Try enrolling the little ones in a weekly activity.  Bid Bud is taking swim lessons twice a week and Little Bud is doing diaper dip.  Having something to look forward to can help lesson the boredom of their weekly routine.

#2 – Rev Up Your MetabolismFighting the Post-Christmas Blahs

Nothing says depression like ice cream eaten straight from the carton. The holidays are usually a license for me to stray from my normally healthy diet and gorge on whatever goodies I can get my hands on.  No wonder I feel so sluggish these days.  How can something that tastes so good make me feel so bad?

Try and return to your regular eating habits as soon as possible.  This goes for the little ones too.  Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.  Water not only helps to relieve bloating and fatigue, but also keeps your skin looking its best.  Contrary to popular thought, this is not the best time of year to launch into a drastic weight loss regimen.  Don’t set an unrealistic goal for yourself that you will never be able to reach.  Shoot instead for small dietary changes that you can implement and stick to.

#3 – Stay ConnectedFighting the Post-Christmas Blahs

Since you are currently reading this post, I will take that as a good sign!  How did I ever get along without the internet?  It’s such a fantastic way to stay in touch with the world.  Whether you write a blog or just read one on a regular basis, staying connected with other people helps keep you from feeling so isolated.  It really does help knowing that you aren’t the only one experiencing the dreaded Joyful Deficit Disorder.

Don’t shut yourself away during these long dark days of winter.  Even if you don’t feel like it, make a dinner date with a close friend.  Force yourself to get dressed up for the occasion and leave the kids with a sitter.  You’ll be surprised how much a little adult interaction can brighten your mood.

#4 – Pamper YourselfFighting the Post-Christmas Blahs

I will be the first one to admit that I tend to let myself go during this time of year.  Who needs a pedicure when your feet are shoved inside snow boots all the time?  I always feel better when I keep up my normal beauty routines.  In fact, this is the time of year when your skin needs extra help.

Take the time to indulge in a weekly body scrub.  This small step does wonders for dull winter skin.  You will be surprised at how much better you feel with a healthy glow.  Even if you get rushed, don’t skip the moisturizer!  Winter skin can get very dry and itchy, so make sure to apply your favorite body cream every day to help combat ashy knees and elbows.

#5 – Get CrazyFighting the Post-Christmas Blahs

Go ahead – this is a license to let your hair down.  Got a favorite family activity that you normally do only in the summer?  Bring the fun indoors.

Call me crazy, but The Buds love indoor camping.  Yes, that’s right – camping without a tent.  We unroll the sleeping bags, grab our pillows, and proceed to make a huge nest in the living room floor.  Add in a few movies from the nearest Redbox and we’re set.  We roast hotdogs and make s’mores over the kitchen stove.  Sure it makes a huge mess, but that’s what makes it so fun for the kids (adding some aluminum foil under the burners lessens the damage).  We stuff ourselves silly with the goodies and watch movies nonstop until we fall asleep.

#6 – Change It UpFighting the Post-Christmas Blahs

Feeling blah?  Maybe its not you – maybe it’s your surroundings.  When I get stuck in a rut, I like to shake things up a little.  I never realized just how much impact a wall color could have on my mood until I painted my living room.  I am still amazed every time I’m in there.  We’re not talking anything bold either.  I went from off-white to a creamy sage green.

Even the most subtle color change can make a huge statement.  Shoot for something in a cheery tone and leave the impact colors to a few well thought out accessories.  I have several sets of throw pillows for my couch that I like to rotate out depending on my mood.  Why stop at wall color?  If you are the daring type, shoot for an entire room makeover!

Anyone else feel like I do?  What do you do to help fight off the post-Christmas blahs?

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Veronika Smith, Editor Veronika is a full time working mother of the two craziest, greatest boys ever, ages 9 months (Little Bud) and 10 years (Big Bud). This Kentucky mom holds a degree in business from Indiana Wesleyan University and is currently pursuing a second degree in nursing. She is a slave to all gadgets that promise to make her life easier and increase her "productive abilities". With her most recent family addition, this obsession has stretched to include the wonderful world of baby-sized gadgets! She also has a passion for fashion and the nose for a great deal. Several friends have (unflatteringly?) referred to her as the bargain bloodhound. They don't call her the coupon queen for nothing!


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