First Look: Mamas and Papas in the USA!

I went on a not-so-random trip to my local Babies “R” Us yesterday to buy a few things for my kiddo and was instantly greeted by a Mamas and Papas display! How did I ever let it slip my mind that my store was one of 20 in the USA to first offer Mamas and Papas products?!  Sadly, they did not have the Urbo displayed (with its yummy chrome-goodness), but I did get to play with their umbrella strollers cutely named: Trip, Trek, Tour, Cruise and Voyage! These strollers range from $129.99-$329.99 and weigh 13-20lbs. Just a few things to look forward to: comfy handles, cheery colorways, saw a magnetic flap for the viewing window on the Voyage, 5-point harnesses with large buckles and carrying straps!

I also was able to play around with a couple of their bouncers and their very sleek and modern looking Go Eat High Chair. Look for future reviews from us here at Baby Gizmo!

Check to see if Mamas and Papas have arrived near you!

Browse Mamas and Papas items at BRU

-Contributed by Ann

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Ann Craig, Editor Ann is a first-time mom in Southern California who loves buying "usefully cute" items for her son (Okay, she just likes having the excuse to satisfy her shopaholic nature). It would be even better if he also found them useful, then maybe she could get away with more items! But alas, he's happier chasing after her phone or his daddy's sneakers. When Ann's not busy playing keep-away with her son, she enjoys strolls around Disneyland, bargain-hunting and talking about all things baby! (Luckily for her, there are at least 9 people at her job who just had or who are having a baby so there's always someone to talk to. Something's in the water!!)

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