Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Stroll Along Doll Stroller Review

Even though my daughter is surrounded by her older brother’s “boy” toys, like cars, dinosaurs, and light sabers, she is drawn to the girly stuff. I’ll be honest – nothing makes me happier. As we approached her first birthday, it was clear that she didn’t have many toys of her own that weren’t hand-me-downs. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with hand-me-downs (she certainly doesn’t mind!), I wanted to get her girly toys to call her own. Today, I want to tell you about and review one of the best toys she received for her first birthday – the Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Stroll Along Doll Stroller.stroller

Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Stroll Along Doll Stroller

My mother in-law purchased this Fisher Price doll stroller for my daughter’s first birthday. When she told me about it, I was not overly thrilled. My experience with my niece’s doll strollers are not good – hers are flimsy and very cheap. My daughter, now 14 months, is still not walking independently – she is quite able to walk supported by a hand or a push walker, though. I was worried that this doll stroller would not support her, and she wouldn’t be able to use it until she was more steady and independent on her feet.

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I was very wrong. The wheels on this stroller are very wide, which keeps the stroller stable. It is just heavy enough that it doesn’t roll out quickly ahead of her. She pushes this stroller from one side of our┬áhouse to the other – quickly! – and never once falls or trips. She is very steady on her feet. I also appreciate that the handle is substantial and sturdy, and not at all flimsy. So, from the stance of a push walker, this is one of the best I’ve experienced. It doesn’t turn very well without my assistance, but I haven’t found a push walker that does turn easily.

The stroller itself has a few interactive details that my daughter seems to appreciate. There is a little teddy bear on a spring that plays a few tunes once the button is pressed. There is also a beaded spinner, roller toys, and a flip book to entertain. The stroller does not come with a doll, so my mother in-law chose this 12 inch doll to accompany the stroller. Any 12 inch doll will work! The doll fits securely in the seat, yet is still easy to take out.


As for age range, my daughter could have benefitted from this stroller prior to turning 1. She was pulling up on things since 9 months, and I could see her using this stroller as early as that. My 3.5 year old son also loves to push this around the house – I wouldn’t go out of my way to get it for a toddler that old, but they will likely still be playing with it at that age.

(This is the new version of the doll stroller – the only difference is in the design.)

The Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Stroll Along Doll Stroller retails for $19.99 and is available here.