Fisher Price Dance and Move Beat Bo/ Beat Belle Review

You’ve probably seen the commercials. The Fisher Price Dance and Move Beat Bo/Beat Belle Toy is a hot product right now! Santa brought it for my daughter this last Christmas, and both my daughter (16 months) and son (3.5 years old) have gotten hours of play from it. If you are in the market for a baby 9 months and up, check out my review below!

The Fisher Price Dance and Move Beat Bo / Beat Belle toy is a great addition to our playroom. There are two versions of this toy – Beat Bo and Beat Belle. As you can probably guess, the Beat Bo is the “boy” while Beat Belle is the “girl”. Since this toy was primarily for my daughter, I chose Beat Belle. My niece has Beat Bo and it is virtually identical, although the voices sound slightly different. Also, the coloring is different – Beat Bo is mostly primary colors while Beat Belle is more “girly.” My daughter has mostly gotten hand me down toys from her big brother, which is why I opted for the girly version. The features between the two are identical.

Dance and Move Beat Belle is very easy to use. There are three buttons on her feet and one large screen on her belly. Each dances differently and plays different songs. Beat Belle and Beat Bo come with three interactive modes: Dance N’ Move, Learning and Games, and Customized Sing Along.

beat belle

There’s lots of learning happening with this toy! From the alphabet, to colors and numbers, to cause and effect, my kids are constantly absorbing the catchy tunes. Our favorite game so far is Freeze Dance. Beat Belle and Beat Bo dance along to the music, which encourages children to dance as well. It is a party in a small package!

I mentioned that my son loves this toy. The manufacturer recommends this toy for ages 9 to 36 months. My son is 3.5 and although I would not go out of my way to get him the Beat Bo, he still benefits from it. So I’d recommend purchasing this toy for a baby on the young end of their recommended ages. However, if they happen to have an older sibling, they might both get a kick out of this toy.

The Beat Belle and Beat Bo currently retail for $29.99 HERE.