Fisher-Price Deluxe Quick Clean Portable Booster Review

Fisher price Booster

I’m not a germaphobe by any means, but when my babies were small, I wanted to limit the amount of germs they picked up in restaurants. Since we all know how gross those public high chairs can be, I always made it a point to bring my own seat for baby! My go-to dining out option was the Fisher-Price Deluxe Healthy Care Booster. It gave my babies a seat of their own that I knew was clean and in working order.

When I saw a new portable booster chair option by Fisher-Price in Target the other day, we decided we had to try it out and see why it was different. The Fisher-Price Deluxe Quick Clean Portable Booster is the same idea as the original Healthy Care one (which is still available) with straps that secure it to a dining chair but has some different features. This new one doesn’t have my favorite feature of the snap-off tray insert and tray cover but it does have an built-in wipes container for quick clean up.

To take a look at the Fisher-Price Deluxe Quick Clean Portable Booster up close and personal, watch today’s Baby Gizmo video below.



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