Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable Review (VIDEO)

Fisher Price Klip klop

Little People

Our video spotlight of the hottest holiday toys is continuing with the Fisher-Price Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable. With the never-going-out-of-style Disney Princesses, this play set is perfect for toddlers! Designed for 18 months – 5 years old, this “stable” will delight your little princess with sounds, music, phrases and unique “klip klop” action.  The play set comes with Rapunzel riding Maximus and Aurora riding Samson (NOTE: the princesses do not come off the horses!) that happily “klip-klop” down the multiple ramps. All the child has to do is slightly nudge the horse and they “gallop” down the ramp on their own. Believe us, this is a treat for the toddlers!

Fisher Price Klip klop

Our lil’ testers loved using their imagination in the two royal areas – the 3-tiered tower and the horse stable. The rotating dance floor for the horses was also a hit because as the child spins the dance floor, music begins. Another highlight are the sound effects and the music that play when the princess and horse come out of the castle gate.

Fisher Price

Retailing for $40 (we’ve seen it on sale already though!), we think this is another hot toy for the holidays. To see the Fisher-Price Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable in action, watch our Baby Gizmo video review as our lil’ Baby Gizmo tester shows it to you up close and personal.


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  1. The boy version rollercoaster is way more fun looking and riskier. Princesses can’t ride roller coasters at breakneck speed? Boo.

  2. I think it’s cute and we bought it for our 1 year old for Christmas. It’s a toy. We love Disney. We also have a 3 year old son and 6 year old daughter, and in no way, despite our massive Disney love, does our oldest daughter think she needs a man to live or to ride horses. She has shown a want to learn to ride and most stables near us don’t start until 5 or 6. My son plays with princesses and my daughters play with cars. Exposure is key, not knocking everything made.

  3. Fisher Price works with Disney to perpetuate the myth of princesses, a myth that creates unrealistic expectations for girls. Now they’ve conspired together to get horses involved, as well. We are not amused. If this toy is aimed at girls up to age five–why not take them to a stable, and throw them onto a REAL horse? Then they can make their OWN clip-clip sounds, with REAL horses, with REAL hooves. Don’t endorse fantasies that force stereotypes on girls–encourage daughters instead to become REAL equestrians. REAL equestrians ride a horse, full-throttle, whether said equestrian is a jockey, dressage rider; hunter-jumper or cowgirl. Real equestrians don’t ride side-saddle, or defer to the boys in the castle. I know, you’re going to call me a radical. I am. I’m a 57 year old woman who was put onto a horse when I was six months old, and began riding in earnest when I was four. I was reared by my Mother and Grandmother, and told that I could become anything I wanted to in Life. I became a media maven in horse racing. I can write with confidence, then, that this new toy is bad for girls–great for Disney and Fisher Price–and perpetuates a myth that’s better left behind in the Middle Ages. Women in the Middle Ages had more authority than Disney thinks; perhaps the Magical Kingdom needs to hire an actual historian for their research into princesses.

  4. Love that klip-klop madness! My son would love this!! Really thought Fisher-Price would have stopped so much gender marketing by now. I understand some toys are generally more appealing to certain genders, but one like this would be enjoyed by both. Yet with all the pink and purple, you can tell they are trying to market to girls. (In what rapunzel movie have you ever seen a pink castle?! Lol) not that the colours matter, my son should be able to enjoy any coloured toy, but it’s just you can tell who they are trying to attract with those colours.

    Btw your daughter is great at product demo….she is definitely the next Baby Gizmo! Love her expressions and enthusiasm!

    The price is a little high, but like you mentioned, I’m sure you could find it on sale.

  5. We bought this for our daughter for her 2nd birthday. She loves it. Our 4-year-old boy has fun with it, and so do younger kids and older kids who come over.


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