Fisher Price Double Poppin’ Dino Review

Can you even believe we’re already entering holiday shopping time? This year is going by so quickly! Also, does anyone else feel like their shopping list exponentially grows each year? I’m here today with a review of the Fisher Price Double Poppin’ Dino toy. It is a great gift idea for a one year-old child.


The Double Poppin’ Dino toy is pretty self – explanatory. It is a ball popping toy in the shape of a dinosaur ๐Ÿ™‚ My daughter can easily control the toy by simply spinning the roller bar. This turns theย music on and begins the ball popping and jumping. The balls pop up and down and are unpredictable where they will end up. The balls are a great size – her little hands can easily hold them.The music is fun and cute, and typical of a Fisher Price toy (you probably know what I’m talking about ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

dino 2

My daughter laughs and laughs with excitement when the balls start to pop all over the toy and then out around the room. She chases them and brings them back to me to put back in. She has not quite mastered using this toy independently, but she’s only 12 months so there is room for her to grow with it. My three year old son also loves to play with this toy with her. I don’t know that he would choose this toy for himself at this age, but he enjoys playing with his little sister together. I would recommend this for an older baby (even under 12 months) to grow into, as opposed to buying it for an older toddler.

G dino

The Double Poppin’ Dino is recommended for ages 6-36 months and retails for $30. It is currently listed on Amazon for $19.99.


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