Fisher Price Go Baby Go! Stride-to-Ride Dino Product Review

I didn’t want to believe that I needed to buy my child a walker toy as a new mom. I guess maybe it was pride then. I wanted her to learn to walk when she was ready. I didn’t want to push some plastic plaything in front of her with the unstated assumption that she “Walk. Now!” Of course, MY CHILD, would begin walking on her own, of course, around 10 months because that’s when all the moms I met in Target said their kids began walking.

But then 10 months came and went. “She’s just going to walk when she’s ready,” I told “inquisitive family and well-intentioned friends and strangers.  “I’m sure next month she’ll be ready.”

And then “next month” came and went. “Oh, I’m sure that by the time she’s 12 months, she’ll be walking,” I said kind of confidently. “You just wait!”

And then 12 months came and went and she still wasn’t walking. And by that time, I stopped answering questions about her walking and started  just pointing to my husband. “Uh, yeah, she’ll walk when she’s ready,” he would say optimistically. But then after he started getting the questions from his co-workers about our daughter’s non-walking habits, we felt we needed to do something. Fast.

So, we ordered a Fisher Price Go Baby Go! Stride-to-Ride Dino for around $50 from Babies R’ Us.

The Go Baby Go! Stride-to-Ride Dino is a walker that transitions to a ride-on toy for older toddlers. I loved that this walker could work as a ride-on as my daughter got older, but more than that, I liked that it’s gender-neutral colors work well for a girl or boy child. And I like that it came highly recommended.

In my two years of owning our Dino, some of the things I like most about this product are: 

  • Transitioning from a walker to a riding toy is actually very simple All you have to do to turn the walker to a ride-on is secure the back wheels together.
  •  It’s lightweight but sturdy enough for rambunctious toddlers.
  • The wide wheel-base offers great support for new walkers as a walker and for older toddlers as a ride-on toy.
  • And while the dino’s roaring can be a bit obnoxious after a while, I like the carnival-like tunes of the stride-to-ride.

Would I recommend this toy to other parents? Let me begin by saying that in hindisght, my thinking that 12 months was a long time for a toddler not to be able to walk was kind of silly. My daughter started walking at 14 months. I can’t say that my daughter began walking at the time she did on account of our Fisher Price Dino, but I can say that my daughter did (and still does) enjoy this toy, so for that, it’s worth it.

Oh, and to all new parents out there, please do not allow inquisitive family or well-intentioned family and strangers to make you feel like something is wrong, out of sorts, etc. with your child if they do not begin walking by 12 months old. Your child will walk before you know it and all your “concerns” will seem silly later.

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