Fisher Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex Review (VIDEO)

Oh boy, so many holiday toys, so little time. Good thing that our Junior Gizmo kids are working overtime for you to help you determine which are the toys that the kids really want.

Our Junior Gizmo boys were pretty impressed with this 2 1/2 foot tall, walking, shooting and noise-making, light-up dinosaur from Fisher-Price. As a new addition to the ever-growing Imaginext line of toys, the Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex didn’t disappoint.

Imaginext Ulra T-Rex

The Imaginext Ultra T-Rex is big, bony and ultra-fun for creating epic prehistoric adventures. By turning Power Pads, kids can get him walking, standing, chomping, firing projectiles and launching boulders – all with realistic sound effects and light-up LEDs in his spikes and eyes. This ‘king’ of the dinosaurs is sure to rule over any Jurassic enemy – and every toy in your little dino lover’s collection.

To see the Imaginext Ultra-Tex in action, watch our Junior Gizmo video below.

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