Fisher-Price Kid-Tough DVR Coming Soon!

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough DVR Coming Soon!

I’m not going to lie – this is my dream come true. Yep, I’m THAT mom. The one who lets her kids watch TV. The one who lets her kids watch TV on-the-go such as in the car, at a restaurant (gasp!), at the doctor’s office, and anywhere that I need just a little quiet. Yes, I just heard the collective gasp from all those parents judging me. And I stand tall and let them all judge me because this is how I do it! 🙂

So, when I just heard that Fisher-Price has obviously been reading my diary and is coming out with a device to make this on-the-go TV watching easier for my kids – I got excited. Fisher-Price just announced that they are bringing out a Kid-Tough Portable DVR. First, the word “Kid-Tough” makes me happy.  That means the my 2 1/2 year old can’t destroy it easily! Second, a portable DVR?!? Are they kidding me?  Where is one for me?!? (Yes, I can hear the judging. Judging. Judging. Judging.)

The new Fisher-Price Kid-Tough DVR is a new cool, kid-friendly, hand-held device for preschoolers that allow even new TV episodes to be recorded for on-the-go viewing. It’s not coming out until summer (booooo…I need one for my family vacation next week!) but here is what they say about it:

Recording TV shows is easier than finding the remote! It takes parents only a matter of minutes to simply attach the Kid-Tough Portable DVR to its base unit that is connected to their TV and set top box (DVR, cable box, satellite box, digital converter box) and they can record their children’s favorite TV shows. Recording can even be programmed for up to 24 hours in advance of the show’s air time.

The Portable DVR has easy-to-use, kid-friendly controls and contains a rechargeable battery for 4-6 hours of play time (the battery re-charges when the unit is docked).  The built-in memory accommodates up to 2 hours’ worth of content. Families heading on a cross-country road trip can expand the memory and stock up on the latest TV episodes before they leave the driveway by purchasing an additional memory card for the micro SD card slot. This will help minimize the “are we there yet?” hollers from the back seat!

In addition, the device features a 3.5 inch touch-screen interface and a slick, high-end design that preschoolers will love, in either pink or blue.

The Kid-Tough Portable DVR will be available this summer at major retailers nationwide.

Seriously, don’t tell me that it doesn’t sound awesome! Rechargeable battery?!? Memory that can be expanded?!?! 3.5 inch screen?!?  I LOVE IT!!  Hopefully, Fisher-Price was smart enough not to put a easy to press delete button on the device so that my 3 year old can delete everything I recorded though!

DVD players are a nightmare with toddlers/young kids sometimes because of the constant changing disc thing and it breaks easily. iPads are too expensive to hand over to my 3 year old. Kid tablets are great but good luck getting any new TV episode on it. This Kid-Tough DVR is brilliant!  (judging…judging…judging…I hear you!)


  1. I’m not a Mom, but there *used* to be a portable DVR for adults. That’s what the old Archos media players were. Mine came with a 160G hard drive, a stand that you plugged it into, and recorded tv like a dream. I carried the dumb thing everywhere. Unfortunately, the advent of the tablet has made the media player practically obsolete. It doesn’t fit a hard drive for DVRing, and why would you want to include one, when you can charge for cloud services if you don’t? I hate to say it: But I miss my Archos and this child’s DVR is looking like my only option to replace it. 🙁

  2. I can’t agree more! For this working mom I need every bit of quiet time possible! Hope it is great and I look forward to a video review

  3. Well, I am equally as excited as you are. It’s difficult to pass my Kindle Fire to my 20 month old, even after downloading seasons of his favorite shows, because I’m worried about him breaking it. I can’t wait to see what the price point will be on this, too-hopefully it will be reasonable enough!

  4. Cool product, but mostly want to say thank you for being very real about what you let your kids do…and in a big public way! I’m tired of being judged by other moms about this or that! Being a parent is hard sometimes, and we are all going to parent differently…so can’t we all get along?!

    • Maggie, yes, you and I would definitely get along! Parenting is hard a lot of the time without other “Judy Judgersons” judging every move you make! Yes, the TV is a babysitter sometimes in my house. My youngest drank from a bottle past 1 year (gasp!). I do whatever it takes to keep my kids quiet in a restaurant (and that means a dvd player or some other device) to keep the dining experience good for those around us. There is a long list of things i probably do that would have people judging, judging, judging. 🙂 – Hollie

  5. Thats awesome! Buying shows/ movies on iTunes can be expensive! Although one of the reasons why I bought an iPad is for my son to be able to play apps and watch shows while he is on his stroller while I’m shopping….judging judging judging. I hear yah! Lol


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