Fisher Price Kid Tough Waterproof Camera Review

Fisher Price Kid Tough Waterproof Camera

The camera is well built and best of all can take a beating from our kids. That’s why it’s called “Kid-Tough”! It can be dropped (even down the stairs), and dare we say, thrown, and it keeps on working. Plus, a nice new feature: it’s waterproof! It withstands being under water for up to 30 minutes in 3 feet of water. That’s a nice touch for when little brother puts it in the toilet when we aren’t watching. Not that that has happened to us. Well, not in the last week.

The camera is a good size and has a rubberized exterior with dual hand grips for little ones to be able to grasp and hold on to it easily. There is a built-in auto flash that will go off when it’s dark enough. There are big buttons that are easy for little ones to use. Our kid testers had the four buttons on the back figured out quickly. There is an on/off, a delete, and two scrolling buttons. There is also a 1.5” color LCD preview screen to let kids instantly see the pictures they’ve taken that isn’t huge but comparable to most digital cameras.

Does the camera have a great print-out-and-hang-on-your-wall picture quality? Nope. Do our kids care? Nope. They just want to run around and point and shoot pictures like all the big people. They love seeing the picture in the view screen after they take the shot and love scrolling through all the pictures that are saved on the camera to admire their work. They don’t care if the pictures are blurry or not lit properly.

Now, don’t get us wrong, the picture quality on this camera is poor. But it’s for kids! And one of the reasons the pictures will not be great quality is that kids move when they take pictures. Bottom line, movement with this camera or the subject blurs the pictures. If your child really wants to photograph things/people and print them out, you might want to consider getting them a “real” digital camera and not one for kids if they can handle it. But if you have a little guy that isn’t so gentle with his things (aka likes to drop or throw everything) and just likes to take pictures, then the Fisher Price Kid Tough Camera is perfect. Plus, it gives them their own camera so they don’t constantly ask to use your expensive one. 

The camera comes with a USB cable to download the pictures to your computer for editing, printing or emailing. The camera can store up to 500 pictures and takes pictures at a regular 640×480 resolution for 4”x6”prints (with an option to chose a higher resolution), which sounds good but remember we said it’s not a print-out-all-the-pics camera.

Our one major complaint with the Kid Tough Camera besides the poor picture quality (which our kids don’t care about) is that it tends to eat through batteries very, very quickly. Nothing is worse than having that special event with your little photographer ready to go and having dead batteries. Starting with brand new batteries (4 AAA), after taking 42 pictures in one evening, the battery light was on and the camera was shutting down due to low battery. We think eating through batteries at this rate in one evening is ridiculous! Plus, the manual says NOT to use rechargeable batteries in the camera. So, unless you own Duracell, you will find this camera will be very expensive in batteries.

Overall, the Fisher Price Kid Tough Camera is great for 3-5 year olds that aren’t so gentle on their toys and love to take pictures. While, the picture quality is poor and the camera will drain your savings in battery costs, the camera is sturdy, can take a beating, and our kids adore it!

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no kidding about the batteries! My daughter took maybe 12 pictures and the camera shut down! This is not good for kids–they want to PLAY…not stop every 15 mins because the camera dies. I like the ruggedness, but it’s not a good pay off for the poor battery life.
I think our best bet is to buy a “real” digital camera that’s inexpensive and can take rechargeables! This camera was $50 and I’ll spend that much more a month in batteries if I keep it…
Not worth it!

Ed Ringmacher

I agreed on the downsides. It ate the batteries like we ate our Christmas dinner. 40-50 pics taken and the batteries were gone. The first set of batteries that we used cheap ofter market batteries. The camera barely worked. We put in name brand batteries and only got 40-50 pics….
Very disappointed and so was my daughter.