Fisher-Price Little People Get New Contemporary Look

Little People

I grew up knowing and loving the Fisher-Price Little People. Who didn’t have at least one of the Little People toys growing up? I fondly remember my toy box filled with the Little People and all the accessories that went with them. As soon as I had children, the Fisher-Price Little People were one of their first real toys when they were old enough to really play.

Well, yesterday was a big day for Fisher-Price as the iconic Little People were re-introduced to the public with their new redesigned and updated characters. Fisher-Price wanted to “contemporize the Little People brand for today’s new generation of preschoolers, while preserving the charm that has contributed to the ongoing success of the brand’s 54-year heritage.”

A new multicultural, ensemble cast of Eddie™, Sofie, Koby, Mia® and Tessa, each with unique traits and interests that make them special – just like the children they exemplify – were introduced at Citi Pond at Bryant Park.

If you aren’t familiar with the current Little People, here they are:

Little People

and here are the new contemporary Little People…

Little People

What was your favorite Little People toy growing up?

Disclosure: Even though I’m a Fisher-Price Play Ambassador all comments, statements and opinions are my own.

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