Fisher-Price Little People Mike The Knight Klip Klop Arena Playset Review




When Fisher-Price debuted one of their most popular new holiday toys of the season for 2013, we are sure moms of boys let out a collective sigh. Yep, the Fisher-Price Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable was designed primarily for girls. This wasn’t one of those toys that was a little bit girl or even close to gender neutral. This was a girl toy! But the fun Klip Klop action appealed to all toddlers! What young child doesn’t like a horse that gallops along their playset by itself?!

Well, Fisher-Price must have heard the cries because they came out with another playset complete with Klip Klop action that was probably designed with boys in mind but thankfully was gender neutral enough for all toddlers. Meet the Fisher-Price Little People Mike the Knight Klip Klop Arena Playset!

Our Lil’ Baby Gizmo tester shows it to you up close and personal so that you can decide if this makes your gift list for that special toddler in your life.


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