Fisher-Price (Not so) Brilliant Basics Kick & Drive Gym Product Review

The Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Kick & Drive Gym is a toy designed for infants.

Smaller infants can have a “blast” pulling on hanging toys and using the infant floor gym to kick their way on a foot pad to “rewards” of bad music, sounds, and lights. What’s for older babies who are able to sit up? Well, they can use the upright knobs, hanging toys, and steering wheel to pretend to “drive.” And they are awarded with…you guessed it… the same bad music, sounds, and lights. (Note: This gym takes C batteries that are not included with the toy.)

I got my Brilliant Basics Kick & Drive Gym from the same neighbor who gave me the Summer Infant SuperSeat. Beggars can’t be choose-ers, or I think that’s the phrase, so when offered, I took the gym without question. I didn’t use it with my first daughter, but when my second daughter turned three months, I brought it out of storage in hopes that it would be something fun for her to play with when she grew bored with her playmat.

My youngest daughter is now five months old, so, in the two months of using this toy, I can say that this “brilliant” toy, while looking very gadget-y and fun is, well, not so brilliant.

My girls have used this toy only a handful of times.

My youngest, the infant, always scoots, twists, and rolls her way away from the toy. I think, if she could talk and write this review for me, she’d say that she doesn’t “get” this toy. She is not amused by the “rewards” of the music, lights, and sounds, or, at least, she’s not amused enough to want to kick the foot pad or pull on the hanging toys (which she likes more than the food pad) longer than five minutes.

And my 25 month old? Well, she goes through spurts of enjoying turning the steering wheel, twisting the knobs, watching the spinning bar spin, and kicking the floor gym when she’s frustrated about my lunch plans. But her amusement never lasts for long. Ever.

So would I recommend the Brilliant Basics Kick and Drive Gym to other parents? Unless you can get this toy for free or at a discounted price, I would not recommend the Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Kick and Drive Gym.