Fisher Price Power Wheels Wild Thing Sneak Peek

Fisher-Price is stepping up its game when it comes to Power Wheels and offering a new ride-on for older kids. The Wild Thing, which will be out next Fall 2016, is the ultimate performance vehicle for kids up to 100 lbs that gives them a whole new level of control, excitement and thrills with the ability to shift into a 360 degree spinning action.

Hands down my kids’ favorite and most played with toys over the past 10 years have always been their Power Wheels. It’s my go-to recommendation for a child’s birthday or holiday gift for those parents and grandparents who have a big budget. But as much as my kids love their ride-on vehicles, they start to get too big for them by the time they get to 6 or 7 years old. That doesn’t mean they don’t WANT to ride them anymore, they just start getting too physically big for them. Yet, at that age, they are too small for the teen 4-wheelers. What’s a mom to do?

The Fisher-Price Wild Thing is what you should do!

Not only is this a fun vehicle for bigger kids, but the actual ride-on is MUCH smaller than the Power Wheels that can honestly be space hogs in your garage. I’m talking half the size here, people! Win-win.

The Wild Thing has large, durable tires for multi-terrain driving and three different speed settings up to 5 mph. If that isn’t enough, it has a stability sensor to prevent tipping on steep inclines and a working seat belt!

The Fisher-Price Wild Thing will be available in Fall 2016 and will retail for $249.99. Watch our sneak peek from Toy Fair in our Baby Gizmo video above and see it up close and personal!

Power Wheels Wild Thing