Fisher-Price Servin’ Surprises Cook ‘n Serve Kitchen & Table Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

If your kids are anything like mine, clean-up is never easy. Well, Fisher-Price has been listening to parents and created a table that is stocked with fun features for the kids but also has a super easy clean-up feature. Win for everyone! The new Cook ‘n Serve Kitchen & Table features fun music and sound effects and all the accessories your child will love!  Plus, the table has an adjustable height to grow with your child!  Love that!

The Cook ‘n Serve Kitchen & Table is an interactive play center that brings role play to life in a magical way! Place any Servin’ Surprises food item on the magical serving tray and it recognizes that specific food and responds with related sound effects and sung songs. Table features built-in stovetop with burner and grill and open and-close lightup oven, all featuring realistic sound effects. Includes 4-slice pizza with customizable toppings and pizza cutter. Place the pizza on the serving

tray to hear fun pizza sound effects and a great pizza = song! For dessert, there are 4 cookies ready to bake on a cookie tray. Also includes two place-settings for sharing your creations, each with a pretend fork, spoon, cup and plate. When you’re done preparing and sharing your meals, the fun is just beginning — the oven easily slides off and the stovetop flips over to convert into an activity table that is perfect for arts & crafts, snack time or any other fun activity. The table is adjustable to grow as kids grow! Storage area in center of table holds place settings, utensils and food accessories.

The Cook ‘n Serve Kitchen & Table will retail for $79.99 and be available nationwide in August 2012. We had the opportunity to see (and play with!) this new toy firsthand at the Toy Fair NYC. We wanted you there with us so we took a great short video to show you the table’s best feature!